The FDA has recently approved remdesivir as a treatment for hospitalized confirmed COVID-19 patients. The known antiviral drug, manufactured and also sold by the popular pharmaceutical company known as Gilead is under the brand name of Veklury, and is said to be the very first drug to be finally approved for the treatment of the coronavirus within the United States.

The FDA approval of remdesivir despite "little to no effect"

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized remdesivir for certain emergency uses back in May, only indicating during that time that the actual benefits of the drug had overweighed its known potential risks. The large-scale treatment trials done by the World Health Organization (WHO) have ever since indicated that the known remdesivir has actually "little to no effect" on the death rates of those hospitalized COVID-19 patients, according to an article by Gizmodo.

Nevertheless, the known FDA had announced its approval some time on Thursday for people aged 12 and above, provided that they meet the weight restrictions, who have been admitted in the hospital due to COVID-19.

What did the FDA have to say about the mixed trials?

According to an FDA press release by Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, today's first approval is said to be supported by certain data coming from many clinical trials that the known agency has already assessed and represented a very important scientific milestone in the whole COVID-19 pandemic.

It was also stated that as part of the known FDA's COVID-19 Treatment Acceleration Program, the known agency will still continue to help move these new medical products to the much awaiting patients ASAP, while at the very same time determining whether or not they are that effective and that their benefits well outweighs the risks.

In its latest decision, the known Food and Drug Administration cited two separate studies that were sponsored by Gilead, one of them showed that the taking of remdesivir actually slightly improved the symptoms among the adult patients that had COVID-19, though not enough to be statistically significant, while the other actually showed that it did not make a significant difference.

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Remdesivir can help block coronavirus activity

A third study was made by the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases that found remdesivir was slightly able to decrease the recovery time for patients. Initially developed by Gilead to be able to treat Ebola, remdesivir is said to work by disrupting the virus' replication process as well as keeping it from actually multiplying.

The research that was done showed that remdesivir can be utilized to block the activity of the coronavirus within cells, and it has also been found to be effective fighting against other strands just like MERS and Sars. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's own leading infectious disease expert, previous April trials have shown that this drug was able to modestly improve the whole recovery time of the known COVID-19 patients.

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