Things to do after beating the crown tundra in  pokemon sword and shield
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The Crown Tundra DLC has been recently released but the story is quite short with some players being able to complete it in just a matter of hours. The next question they have now probably in mind is: "What now? What will I do after beating the crown tundra?"

Youtuber HDVee listed 10 things that you can do after completing the Crown Tundra. Below are a few notes from the video.

1. Get yourself a cosmog

To do this, you have to go into a house where an old woman is sitting outside. Once you've defeated the horse and saved the village, you go up talk to Woofy. He will give the cosmog to you for free.

2. Complete all the Dynamax adventures

You can catch all the legendary pokemon as they are or you can try and get them as a shiny. The shiny hunting odds have come out so if you don't have the shiny charm, every single pokemon in the Dynamax adventures - both Pokemon and the legendaries- have a one in 300 chance of being a shiny.

Note that there are version exclusives in the Pokemon Sword game. They are re Ho-oh, Latios, Groudon. Whereas in Pokemon Shield, the version exclusives are Lugia, Latias, Kyogre, Palkia, Thundurus, Zekrom, Yveltal, and Lunala. All of the third legendary Pokemon such as Zygarde and Suicune are available in both copies.

Similar to the normal one that you do, where you just defeat three Pokemon and then you fight the legendary at the end, there is also an option to do it endlessly. You just keep doing it until you lose and you get more dynamite or dinai. For doing this, HDVee said that it's very useful to get that extra ore to get all the items because beast balls are about 150 apart, which is very expensive.

3. Complete your Pokedex

There is a massive discord section where you can trade with other people and help each other complete the Pokedex. Once you've done it, you come to the woman at the train station. First off, if you show her a Meltan, she'll give you the Hex Nut Sport Cap for free which you may need at your next party. Once you've done that, you go and show her your Pokedex. She will tell your current progress. You'll get a big old certificate and the rewards you get for completing the Pokedex.

Just to commemorate your great achievement, you may add something special to your lead. The woman at the train will say "Please also take this as a token of my gratitude." You get the original style replica state crown, 50 rare candies and then three gold bottle caps.

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4. Get yourself a Keldeo

After finding all of the footprints from the Swords of Justice, you can fly down to the big tree where you find the Gallerian birds. Come over to the water and then there is a little island where you could find keldeo. Talk to Sonia and then come to somewhere that says there's evidence of a Pokemon that you haven't seen before. You then have to cook a curry.

HDVee said that it doesn't really matter what curry you make, you just have to make a curry in this location stir and Keldeo pop ups. The footprints can take a while to get.

5. Get yourself a spirit tomb

As you come to a seemingly dead-end thing, you will find a gravestone. When you first come here, it'll just be a gravestone that will ask you to spread its name.  What that means is you have to interact with 50 other players online. Not that you have to battle or trade with him, you just have to talk to him and then they give you a free item. After talking to 50 of these people you will get the spirit team encounter.

6. Get yourself a Galarian Slowking

Once you've got 15 Galarica twigs, you come to the roaring sea caves. There's a woman here and you give her the 15 twigs, which is more than the seven or eight you needed for Galarian Slowbro. She will give you the wreath that you need to evolve Galarian Slowpoke into a Galarian Slowking. Once you've done that you can find the twigs just from the sparkly things.

7. Have a huge dynamics battle with Reggie Giggis

If you come to the snow slide slope, you can go to the giant's bed and there'll be an unused raid location surrounded by four rocks. This is where you are going to want to interact with the raid marker, but make sure that you have every single Reggie in your party. That's Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regidrago, andRegieleki.

HDVee said that this task can be quite a difficult thing to do since you can only get one of the new reggie's in your game. So you may have to trade with a friend to do this and then trade back. But once you've done that, it will then begin a battle with a dynamics level 100 regigigas which is how you are going to obtain this new Pokemon. This can be a shiny as well.

8. Get yourself a poipole.

Poipole is the Poison-type ultra beast and has one of the easiest encounters as it is a gift rather than a wild encounter or at the end of a Dynamaxx adventure. Once you have completed 15 Dynamax adventures, you can head to the lobby of the max layer and talk to one of the non-player characters (NPCs). After some dialogue, they will grant you a poipole which will only be level 20. This can also not be shiny.

9. Battle with Greedent

Go to the legendary tree where you find the Galarian legendary birds and just keep shaking that tree. Once you shake it enough, a big old squirrel will fall out of it named Greedent, a favorite eneration eight Pokemon.

This is a Dynamax battle that gives you a bunch of berries for doing it. You get 30 orenberries, citrus berries, one lancet berry, 20 tomato berries,15 hondu berries, 5 chopped berries.

10. Participate in the Galarian Star Tournament

This is the post-game and is only accessible once you've completed both the Isle of armor and the Crown Tundra. It is a multi-battle event where you pick a partner and then you go up against other NPCs from the story.

Good luck completing all these 10 after beating the Crown Tundra in the Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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