iOS 14 to feature ad anti-tracking function
(Photo : Brett Jordan/Pexels) iOS 14 to feature ad anti-tracking function

Apple's iOS 14 will feature anti-tracking that prevents apps from monitoring the way a user behaves online.

This latest feature will prevent the third party apps from keeping track of sites and apps that a user visits. It also prevents apps from collecting data from the user as well as the user's device.

The iOS 14 ad anti-tracking functions by displaying a pop up asking the iPhone users to enable tracking. On the previous iOS versions, apps gather data by default and do not prompt users for approval.

Once an iPhone or iPad user chooses the allow tracking option, apps can then collect data from the user's device. They combine their gathered data with the third-party collected information.

Advertisers use the said information to generate an IDFA for an Advertiser's code. Through the code, app developers can track what platforms a user went through to install an app.

iOS 14 ad anti-tracking feature launch

Apple however declared that it will delay the release of the iOS 14 ad anti-tracking feature. The tech giant said that it will implement the said rule on the first quarter of 2021.

According to MacRumors, the Cupertino based company clarified that it deferred the ad anti-tracking feature launch to give more time for app developers. The company believes that the move will give app developers enough time to do the necessary changes as they will be required to provide a prompt for users to respond to.

In a statement released online, Apple said that it is committed to ensuring iPhone and iPad users that they have the option to allow apps to track them or not. Apple introduced the said feature along with its other launches on WWDC 2020 held recently.

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Apple's anti-tracking feature affects advertising revenue

The iOS 14 ad anti-tracking feature is expected to have a majority of ask app not to track response from iPhone and iPad users. App developers and advertisers, on the other hand, are expecting a major impact on ad networks.

Facebook responded to Apple's latest feature with a warning on how the option will affect the advertising flow. The social media giant warned a 50 percent reduction on the income acquired from audience network publisher.

Because users have the option to refuse data collection, data brokers will have limited access to shared information. Thus the said feature created controversy among advertisers and developers.

Meanwhile, iPhone and iPad users may choose to activate a similar feature on their devices while waiting for the iOS 14 ad anti-tracking feature to roll out. They may choose to disable cross-app and cross-site tracking with a few simple steps.

1. iPhone or iPad users simply launches setting on their devices.

2. Head over to the privacy option.

3. Click the tracking option

4. Turn off the option to allow apps to request to track.

More from Apple

Aside from the anti-tracking feature, Apple will also require a privacy information section from app developers. Developers must provide details on how they collect and store user data and make them available on the App Store listings.

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