One of the most notable changes in iOS 14 is allowing users to change the default email apps and browsers. However, users complain about a bug that reverts the settings to default after restarting their iPhone.

According to Slash Gear, iPhone and iPad users have wanted to set their default apps, but Apple refused for the longest time. Although users can still use Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome, they have to manually do it while other apps will still open up Mail or Safari, requiring careful management of apps to avoid mixing them up.

Good thing, Apple finally agreed to allow the defaults when it launched iOS 14 on September 16 as users can now choose from a selection of approved apps such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, DuckDuckGo, Spark, and Hey.

However, the setting returns to the default Mail and Safari apps after rebooting the device. A Google Chrome engineer has acknowledged the problem and shared it on Twitter. Mathieu Perreault shared how his excitement quickly turned to disappointment. "Well, great. I was all excited to set Chrome as the default browser in #iOS14 but turns out a device reboot forgets it!?" Perreault said.

Perhaps the new email and browser settings do not sit well with the overall Apple operating system. This means that instead of opening the default Mail and Safari apps, tasks in the iOS 14 will trigger third-party apps when composing new email messages or opening links.

For example, a user may choose to set Chrome as the default browser, but after rebooting the iPhone, he would need to change the Settings again because Safari will show as the default browser.

Similarly, iOS 14 does not acknowledge the user's preferred email app is the user keeps Safari as his default browser as the mailto: link in Safari will still open in Apple Mail, even is the user sets another email app.

However, after a couple of days since the ioS 14 was launched, Apple has not yet acknowledged the bug.

How to change default iPhone email and browser apps

Since this is the first time Apple has allowed to change default browser and email apps, so the functionality will roll out on an app by app basis. In the meantime, users can try Google Chrome or Microsoft Outlook and Edge. Despite the bug, here is how to change the default email on iPhone.

  • Open Settings on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Swipe down to find the preferred third-party app to set as the default email.
  • Select Default Email App.
  • Tap the third-party app and make sure it has the check.

Meanwhile, to make Chrome the default browser on the iPhone, just follow these easy steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Swipe down to find Chrome.
  • Choose Default Browser App.
  • Tap the Chrome icon and make sure it shows the check.

The same process can be used for Microsoft or other browsers once they become available. Meanwhile, we will give an update for any news regarding the bug.

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