As Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 selection of products from the original iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple has also included a little Mini iPhone 12. When talking about a Mini iPhone, it's usually up for a debate as to whether the newer version is better in comparison to other previous models that could potentially be cheaper.

The iPhone 12 Mini will only have 60 FPS compared to other popular phones at 120 FPS nowadays

According to a video by Austin Evans, one of the deal breakers for him could be the fact that the iPhone Mini only runs on 60 FPS and not 120 FPS but otherwise, the graphics are said to be really good.

Since almost all of the latest phones nowadays use a 60 FPS camera, this does not really make the iPhone 12 Mini stand out in any way. Although 60 FPS is already really good, once phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro started coming out with 120 FPS, according to Pocket Lint, the standard has definitely been raised.

 iPhone 12 mini: When can fans finally pre-order?

According to 9to5Mac, the upcoming iPhone 12 mini will reportedly not be available for fans to pre-order until some time next week. The new 5.4-inch display iPhone is surely quite similar to previous models but since it is an iPhone 12, fans of Apple are expecting a much better upgrade in comparison to the previous models.

It was also said that the known device will only be available to pre-order some time until November 6 with the very first orders all rolling out by November 13. It was also stated that people can express some form of early press reviews to eventually be published around some time between the two given dates.


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 iPhone 12 mini display specs

The iPhone 12 mini is said to rock a 2340x1080 display in terms of its resolution meaning it actually has 476 pixels per inch. This is actually already pretty impressive since some phones do not even have a 300 PPI resolution display.

The iPhone 12 mini also has a very similar look to the previous Apple product, the iPhone 5. For those who aren't aware, the squared out phone display is not new but has been used in previous Apple models before.

One thing that's made the iPhone one of the most sought out phones of today, however, is it's camera quality. The picture quality and video quality of the iPhone are hard to compete with and this is something that Apple's competitors have been trying to do for years with only a few of them actually succeeding.

This time, the iPhone 12 Mini won't get a huge upgrade in whatever performance boost expected with the use of the A14 chips but instead, the phone will still have a really good camera.


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