A leading Sending Platform, Sendoso, has recently partnered with Cameo, a video-sharing website, to bring celebrity interactions to B2B market. The collaboration offers B2B buyers the ultimate celebrity experiences, giving them access to their favorite pop icons. It aims to provide a customized experience for all customers of Sendoso and Cameo alike.

What to Expect from the Collaboration?

Customers on Sendoso can now widen their audience's reach through this new B2B tech integration with Cameo. They can reach out to customers and prospects by sending personalized videos from celebrities to recipients.

This unique approach creates that moment of magic where celebrity messages appeal to the customers directly, thereby increasing engagement and brand exposure. CX, sales, and marketing teams may utilize this platform to build meaningful relationships and get customers to take notice.

Kris Rudeegraap, CEO and founder of Sendoso, said, "It becomes harder than ever to cut through the digital clutter and make a real impact on customers." He added that this "team-up" allows Sendoso to deliver more memorable experiences to its customers through personalized messaging. The innovation, he explained, is guaranteed to provide maximum business returns across marketing and sales criteria.

Sendoso's Analytics Dashboard

Sendoso, in its partnership with Cameo, aims to bring a brilliant strategy to personalize B2b services and engage the end-users actively.

Through Sendoso's Analytics Dashboard, B2B customers can now readily access the pop-culture video channels through its platform while making it easier to the users to monitor income in realtime.

As part of its customization, Sendoso introduced new features including:

  • Sendoso Experiences: celebrities can now host online classes such as cooking, cocktail making, and dance lessons for their fans.

  • Meeting Scheduler:This comes with digital gift cards as a payment option for more efficient online transactions.

  • ABM integrations: This allows customers to measure data from Demandbase, 6sense, Bombora, Terminus, and Rollworks. Sendoso now also supports Transcend and Zapier, ensuring compliance with the GDPR guidelines. It can directly link B2B users with more than 2,000 applications.

  • Automated sending triggers: This is an added approval step in the sending process. It provides the user more control in their business. Notifications from apps such as Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, or Eloqua, can now be approved or rejected as needed.

  • Address Confirmation: An automatic email alert notifies the client 24 hours before expiration. This feature increases consumers' validation rates allowing adjustments to the expiry requirements.

Visit sendoso.com and learn how to engage your customers through personalized videos.

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