How to View and Delete Apps on Apple Watch
(Photo : fancycrave1/Pixabay) How to View and Delete Apps on Apple Watch

Apple Watch comes packed with various features. While every update on watchOS means another set of added exciting features for the smartwatch users.

However, some users may opt for a different format on how Apple Watch displays apps. There are also instances when installing third-party apps comes with automatic app installation.

According to MacRumors, Apple Watch user can fix the above issues with just a few simple steps. They may also enjoy more features from the tech giant's smartwatch with just a few taps.

In order to switch from the default honey-comb like app view to a list setting, here are a few simple steps to follow.

1. Bring up the apps menu by pressing the Digital Crown

2. Head over to Settings and tap App View

3. Select List View and users may now enjoy a view of their apps in the list view.

To address the concern on unnecessary app installation that comes with third-party apps, and Apple Watch user has two options. The first is to access the app through an iPhone while the second one is by deleting apps on the smartwatch itself.

Removing an App using an iPhone

1. On the iOS Watch app on the iPhone, select My Watch

2. On the Installed on Apple Watch list, choose the app to uninstall

3. Put the Show App on Apple Watch to gray OFF position.

Removing App Directly from the Apple Watch

1. To bring up the App view, press the Digital Crown

2. On a grid view, hold the app to activate the jiggle mode and tap the X to remove

3. On a list view, swipe the app name to the left then tap the red trash button.

4. Finish it up by tapping Delete App

Aside from removing apps and changing app view, there is a long list of what a user can do to an Apple Watch. Almost all features are available to all watchOS versions. However, to enjoy the latest innovation, a user needs to have the watchOS 7 or higher update.

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Apple Watch Faces

An Apple Watch user may switch between watch faces by cycling right and left and stopping the watch face chosen. Every watchOS update comes with a new set of Apple Watch faces.

watchOS 6 came with Gradient, California, Meridian, Modular Compact, Numerals Duo, Numerals Mono, and Solar Dial faces in 2019. watchOS 7 added Artist, Chronograph Pro, Count up, GMT, Memoji, Stripes, and Typograph in 2020.

If the lists of faces from the watchOS update do not satisfy, a user may also use his own photo or an entire album. A tap on the Apple Watch displays the next photo in the album.

Another option is to get faces from the App Store. Apple recently allowed third-party apps to sell their own faces through the watch face landscape.

Sharing faces are also available now across Apple Watches. This can be done by simply holding down the desired face and clicking the share option and pressing send.

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