Ever imagined that a flying sports car could actually happen? Well, a recently developed AirCar can go from a simple road vehicle into an aircraft in a span of just three minutes! The flying sports car can fly up to over 450 meters in the sky over Slovakia as a part of this newly developed flying sports car's test flight, according to developers.

New footage of the developed AirCar flying sports car

KleinVision recently uploaded the now sensational footage of the newly developed AirCar and it shows the particular vehicle driving down the runday, making a quick stop to deploy its wings, then proceeding to fly through the sky itself!

This particular flying vehicle would be the fifth prototype that developers have said that would be an ideal choice for leisure as well as self-driving journeys, or even as commercial taxi services in the future.

The price details have not yet been revealed for this futuristic vehicle but what's known about this AirCar is that it is capable of traveling for a total of 620 miles at a particular time and could possibly make its way to not just the air but also the roads some time next year.

What were the problems that KleinVision was able to overcome?

According to the flying sports car's developers as reported by The Daily Mail, it has already completed exactly two different 1,500ft test flights over at the Piestany Airport located in Slovakia just this week and it is getting one step closer towards actual commercial flight.

The AirCar is designed by a particular Stefan Klein and has been able to complete the two takeoffs and landings during the given test runs. Cars are usually heavy while most planes are usually light which means that finding the right balance for the known AirCar was actually quite a challenge for both Klein along with his team.

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The AirCar rocks a BMW 1.6l engine and weighs 2,425lbs

The recently developed two-seat model that was just tested in Slovakia around this week was said to weigh only 2,425lb and is capable of carrying weight up to 440lb per flight, according to the company.

The car sports a powerful BMW 1.6l engine bringing it a power output of a whopping 140HP as well as an estimated travel range reaching 621 miles. This will still require a runway of at least 300 meters or almost a fifth of a mile to get it directly from the ground to the sky while reaching a speed of up to a massive 124 miles per hour, according to Klein.

AirCar is equipped with wings that easily unfurl as well as a single propeller located at its rear. The wings are said to fold up when the particular vehicle is also on the road taking up a space of just as big as a normal parking spot.

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