Elon Musk's SpaceX is moving closer and closer towards the eccentric CEO's ultimate dream which is to be able to build a working settlement on Mars. Elon Musk noted a great deal of advantages of moving to Mars not just economically but also health wise.

Elon Musk's announcement with regards to health on Mars

Elon Musk was tagged by the  Tesla Owners Club New York State @TOCNewYorkState in a particular post stating that although Elon Musk has been pushing leaving Earth and moving to Mars, he actually hasn't advertised the very main selling point which is actually no back pain. Although posed in a joking manner, Elon Musk then replied by saying there will actually be fewer heart attacks on Mars as the body will be able to pump blood much easier in a 37% gravity environment.

SpaceX Mars mission with NASA, although years away, has still seen significant steps being taken towards making this a reality. The first step before being able to get to Mars is initially getting to the moon first. This is why NASA and SpaceX have been investing a lot on more trips to the moon as an initial part of the whole plan.

SpaceX and NASA work around the moon before shooting for Mars

The moon will work as both a training ground and also a research base in order for astronauts and scientists alike to be able to come up with the technology that will be able to send humans to Mars. Aside from just how humans are to live on Mars, there are also other logistical factors that should be counted.

One logistical factor is the power and speed of the rockets as well as how much fuel it can expel in order for it to reach Mars. The red planet is 33.9 million miles away from Earth which means that hypothetically, if astronauts were to arrive on Mars in just a year, at the average speed that rockets fly today which is 16,150 miles per hour according to BBC, it would still take them 88 days or almost 3 months to reach Mars.

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Why it would be hard to get to Mars with the technology present today

Of course, this would mean that the spaceship would have to be equipped with enough fuel and supplies to last the 88 days it takes going to Mars itself. In order for the spaceship to equip this much supplies and fuel, it needs to be quite bigger which could potentially slow it down.

These logistical problems and much more are why SpaceX and NASA are taking their time planning out the perfect way to accomplish the Mars Mission in the future.

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