5 Avoidable Troubles Echo Owners Get Into and how to Avoid them
(Photo : Anete Lusina/Pexels) Important Echo Settings Every Alexa Companion should know to Avoid Errors

Technology may be best enjoyed when users know every pros and con of each device. For Echo Dot owners, knowing the following important settings will be very essential before having Alexa as a personal companion.

Unauthorized Purchases

A report last year surprised Echo Dot users as Alexa purchased $700 worth of toys and had them delivered right at the doorstep of the unaware Echo owner. A 4-year-old and 6-year-old sibling commanded the purchase of PJ Masks figurines, Barbie Dream House, and LOL dolls.

The unauthorized purchase should have been avoided if proper settings were made. The user may either disable Alexa's ability to order from Amazon or may set a safety PIN code for purchasing transactions.

To disable Alexa's purchasing ability simply do the following steps.

1. Select Setting on your phone

2. Head over to Account Settings

3. Choose the Voice Purchasing option and turn it off

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To set up a PIN for more secured voice purchases follow the steps below.

1. Go to Settings

2. Choose Account Settings

3. Select Voice Purchasing and turn it On

4. Toggle to Purchase Confirmation

5. Head Over to Voice Code and Enter the desired four-digit code

6. Speak the four-digit voice code to complete the process

Please note that speaking the voice code should be done with caution as it may be heard and recited for unauthorized purchases as well.

Unexpected conversation recording

To make the Echo microphone respond to a command, Alexa is the wake word. However, the personal assistant may receive "a letter," "election," and "unacceptable" as the trigger word and start recording everything without the user knowing.

Turning the device's mic off is the best way to ensure the privacy of every conversation around the Echo Dot. The button turns red when the mic is Off. Pressing the button again reactivates Alexa.

A user may also choose to change the Echo device's wake command to Echo, Amazon, or Computer. This is helpful especially for those whose names are Alexa or any name that sounds like the device's default wake word.

Drop-In is toggled to the wrong contacts

According to Android Central, commanding Alexa to drop in on all devices sends the announcement or messages to all the connected Echo devices at home. To make sure that only the right people receive that Drop-In, verifying the list of approved devices is the best solution.

An Echo owner may also enable or disable Drop-In for a specific device. Here's how

1. Go to the Alexa app on your phone

2. Head over to Devices

3. Select Echo and Alexa or All Devices

4. Look for Communication

5. Choose Toggle Calling and Messaging on

6. Choose Drop-In and choose between only devices in the household or permitted contacts only

Anxiety over unnoticed Camera Recording

Since Alexa can be commanded to show security camera footage, anxiety may hit Echo Show users according to Ktar. To avoid the anxious questions on what the camera sees or if it's recording all day simply turn the physical camera off when not needed, reported Ktar.

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