Walt Disney unveiled its "Terminator"-like a robot. The film producer's engineers created a terrifying humanoid animatronic with a human-like gaze that stares at your soul, as described by other people and reports.

Bringing imagination to life has been Disney's specialty for the past years. However, it took its technology to the next level after developing a skinless animatronic bust that has eyelids, movable lips, and brows.

According to the Daily Mail UK's latest report, the innovation can determine when a guest is attempting to engage using motion detection technology. These sensors activate a series of motors that control interactions.

What can Disney's new robot can do

Disney Research reported that the company currently aims to provide a general architecture that can create gaze interactions through the character animation's lens and from a technological standpoint.

The film producer's new invention can perfectly imitate human movements, thanks to its layered motors. It can produce life-like behaviors such as saccades and blinking.

Disney's new animatronic bust received much feedback from Twitter users. HCI Research retweeted its YouTube video. Here are some of the comments that the post has received.

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Disney's robots are now a must-see attractions

Ninety-seven years ago, Walt Disney began as "The Walt Disney Company" in a small office located in Los Angeles. It started as a film production company.

However, Disney found a mechanized little toy bird on his travels in the 1950s. This lead to the company's idea to develop mechanical constructs that can mimic living things.

As of the moment, Walt Disney's animatronics are must-see attractions across the globe. The company's engineers are still improving their systems, and they believe that they found a method on how to transform metal machines into human-like robots.

Their new method was proven effective by Disney's new animatronic bust, which has a 19 degrees-of-freedom. However, it can only use its eyes, neck, eyelids, and eyebrows since it is still incomplete. The robot is currently controlled by a proprietary software operating on a 100Hz real-time loop.

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