When talking about the really critical status of network security, it is very important to understand how hackers are able to infiltrate computers in order to properly counter them. With the use of a simple Raspberry Pi, according to Tom's Hardware, hackers can be easily tracked down and unwanted intruders can then be taken down straight with OpenCanary. Could the Raspberry Pi 400 be any better?

What is OpenCanary and why is it a good tool to use to track down unwanted intruders

OpenCanary is a free open-source alternative to the Thinkst Canary devices. The said Thinkst Canary devices are actually designed to thoroughly scan your own network, servers, as well as active directory files to search for certain vulnerabilities.

The downside, however, is that these devices can be pretty hefty in cost stacking up to about $2500 just for a single device and in order to get a deal, users will have to buy two of these. OpenCanary, on the other hand, is a simple open-source solution that will allow all of the said features ever needed in order to thoroughly protect your own network and run it straight through Raspberry Pi.

Another Maker shows how to use the said OpenCanary application

This project was shown on a certain YouTube channel Another Maker. Within the said video, they just started with the fresh installation of Ubuntu on the Pi. The OpenCanary application was really easy to install and was said to only need to be run through a few terminal commands to complete the installation process.

What was said to be the best part of this setup is the notification system. The OpenCanary program will also send email alerts the very moment that it has detected any potential threats. This information can also be used to determine exactly what particular IP address was initially used and just where the potential breach in turn took place.

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If ever a person wanted to recreate the whole project themselves, it should be very easy to do since Another Maker shared sufficient details on just how to install as well as configure the said OpenCanary on his post on GitHub. It could also be a good idea to follow Another Maker on his YouTube to find even more useful and fun different Raspberry Pi projects.

Although Another Maker is not that popular on YouTube, but the content of the channel could be really helpful for programmers as it tackles certain topics like ZeroPlus Protocol Simulator, how to remotely control a particular computer, and many other interesting content. This said channel, as pointed by ZDNet, brings up Pi to the world.

What is Raspberry Pi 400?

Raspberry Pi 400, as noted by its website, is a complete computer in a simple compact keyboard. The device, however, that was used in the video, as noted by the YouTube channel is a Pi Zero/Original Pi.

The useful Raspberry Pi 400 is an upgraded version of what was used by Another Maker namely the Pi Zero or the Original Pi that has a lot more uses that still needs to be explored. The Raspberry Pi 400 is said to be the all-in-one Pi computer blended into a simple keyboard. The good thing about this is that certain programs can be used without having to taint the computer or can function undetected.

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