(Photo : Phasmophobia via Steam)
(Photo : Phasmophobia via Steam)

Hit co-op PC horror game "Phasmophobia" is rolling out a new patch update for players to enjoy a better and enhanced gameplay this November that currently rolls out to users. This new update from its developers, Kinetic Games, aims to solve the bugs that appear on the game, prompting several annoying elements that lead to player's obstruction.

(Photo : Phasmophobia via Steam)

"The intense fear of ghosts" is the literal meaning of the word "Phasmophobia," and it is the best possible name for the game developed by Kinetic Games. The title offers an immersive experience that provides a realistic approach in going around a location haunted by vengeful spirits.

The game also offers to determine ghosts and a mystery game format that will lead players to look for exits and escape capture from the spirits. The capture would mean game over for the player and the survival of the fittest for their companions searching for ways to escape.

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Phasmophobia: November 4 Full Patch Update Notes

(Photo : Phasmophobia via Steam)

Steam recently released the full patch notes from "Phasmophobia's" developers that list everything that was changed and added to the game's November 4 update. The game's latest patch update gives a major bug fix for the gameplay, experiencing the nasty disruption.

Several reports came from users ever since the game's release last September 18, taking the world by storm with the horror genre's return for games. Phasmophobia is one of the most favorite games from 2020's releases, but like all, it does not offer the "ultimate" or "perfect" version yet.

Bug reports mostly focus on the VR mode that suffers the most problems in the game. Several unfair set-ups are also changed by the developers, especially ghosts' ability to see through the "Ridgeview Room" that can lead to a player's defeat.


  • Fixed a bug where the VR Smooth Camera would move outside the map when you died.
  • Fixed a bug where some evidence such as Ouija Boards wasn't working for the photos.
  • Potential fix for crashes when loading back to the main menu.
  • Potential fix for save files getting corrupted when you crash or quit.
  • Potential fix for Glowsticks sometimes not giving any light.
  • Fixed a bug where some players were not able to connect to the server since the Halloween update.


  • Removed the delay between each equipment spawning.
  • Changed the way the server gets recreated when loading back into the main menu. This should fix a lot of bugs and disconnects. The host will now also remain the same.
  • Fixed a bug where VR players wouldn't get teleported back from the dead room.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost could see you through the Ridgeview door.
  • Removed the voice sensitivity setting as it was breaking non push to talk.


  • Added a "connecting to server" loading screen.

"Phasmophobia" offers revolutionary co-op gameplay that is limited and rare in the horror genre present in the world's gaming industry. The November patch may not be a significant update, but it surely would improve the gameplay.

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