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Free speech and the freedom of expression has been something very important not just this 2020 but the whole year round. With the difference in opinion and the strive for truth, this makes it harder for people to be able to express what they truly feel about certain topics. This is why Parler was invented. Parler allegedly does not censor anything being posted on it according to an article by KUSI.

What is Parler and why is it so popular as of the moment?

Parler is stated to be a United States-based microblogging as well as social networking service that was previously launched in August 2018. It has been a controversial website with its different approach in comparison to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants that have been dominating the internet.

Parler says that it differentiates itself from these particular platforms through its refusal to actually moderate the content that Facebook, Twitter, and otherwise most of the other social media networks have banned. Anything can allegedly be posted on Parler including either hate speech or even misinformation, according to an article by The Verge.

How does the censorship work within the app?

Although the app's own community guidelines state that it prohibits certain "unlawful acts" but gives little information as to the specifications of the platform when it comes to these matters. Parler spokesperson for the popular app told The Verge that he does believe that when users are spreading misinformation, it will only damage the apps reputation and stated that he does not believe in the content moderation rules even for certain extreme content like the Holocaust denial. He then gave his final statements to The Verge saying that he trusts the system.

The number one reason why Parler has been able to increase in users is the fact that this big tech giant does not censor what is being posted on the platform. In fact, the lack of censorship has made it even more popular as other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are enforcing their content moderation even more.

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What are they doing to prevent misinformation?

There have been countless amounts of shifts towards this platform as of recent due to the political divide in opinion. The platform allows people to say what they think and feel without the worry of moderation like the recent "Fact Check" on Facebook. This has become an instrument of expression for a lot of different personalities.

Of course, without moderation, it is even harder to check now if a certain post is true or not as it is now up to the discernment of the user to be able to determine the truth of the manner. Another problem with this is that without moderation, searching for the factual results over the internet might be overlooked and since double-checking or doing more research is not quite popular, the discernment process could be affected.

If you want to join this new social media platform, here's how to join Parler:

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