It's been a bumpy and awkward year for Java as the programming language that has been going in and out of the first and second spot for the most popular programming language finally lands in third! Python has finally emerged as the number two most popular programming language, finally surpassing Java, according to the known TIOBE Index that was updated for November 2020.

Python is now Number 2 on the TIOBE Index. Will it ever be able to beat C at Number 1?

However, it seems like C remain untouched as the reigning most popular programming language while even being able to achieve a small increase in its popularity in comparison to that of October 2020.

According to Peter Jansen, the current CEO of TIOBE Software in charge of running the TIOBE Index, for the very first time ever since the TIOBE index started about 20 years ago. Java as well as C are not the only ones within the top-two positions anymore. Although C is still the first, Python has been able to claim the second spot, according to an article by Techworm.

What has Python done to land it at the #2 spot?

Python's very recent surge in its popularity is mainly due to the booming fields just like data mining, AI, and also numerical computing. However, it was stated that Python's popularity is due to its general demand.

Jansen then explained that previously, most programming activities were only performed by software engineers. Nowadays, programming skills are needed almost everywhere and there is also a lack of good enough software developers. As a lying consequence, there is a need for something simple that can easily be handled by certain non-software engineers.

It was said that the need was for something really easy to learn as well as having fast edit cycles as well as smooth deployment. Due to this demand and Python meeting the needs, the popularity of this programming language has definitely grown.

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The TIOBE Index and why is it so important to the world of programming

TIOBE, or The Importance of Being Earnest is known as one of the popular indexes for rating programming languages. The calculations are done based on the amount of skilled engineers all around the world, courses, as well as third-party vendors. The index is only updated just once in a month and popular search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, Baidu, and of course Google are all being used to calculate for the accurate ratings.

The TIOBE Index can also be used to check whether a person's programming skills are outdated or to help make certain strategic decisions with regards to what programming language should be used in making a new software.

Here is the list of the top 5 programming languages:

1. C

2. Python

3. Java

4. C++

5. C#

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