PlayStation 5 trick for 1440p gaming
(Photo : PlayStation / Facebook) Here are some of the displays that might trick your PS5 into receiving a 4K signal.

It took a few years, but Sony's next-gen console has finally been released to the public, with some practically playing on their consoles by now. However, the console isn't exactly perfect, especially as it doesn't currently support 1440p resolution.

PlayStation 5 trick for 1440p gaming
(Photo : PlayStation / Facebook)
Here are some of the displays that might trick your PS5 into receiving a 4K signal.

No 1440p Support for Now

The reason for that is because Sony has focused on TV displays, but it is not a technical issue seeing as the company can add the feature later on through an update, especially if there's a demand for it.

For now, people who have a 1440p display can still play their PS5 games (or PS4 games via backwards compatibility), but it will be on 1080p only.

However, those with an MSI monitor might be able to get a better resolution as the company has promised to bring a solution to its consumers that own a PS5 via Console Mode, which lets MSI compatible monitors accept a 4K signal from the console, then output it in 1440p, according to TechNave.

Nevertheless, it seems like more players can try and trick their PS5 into accepting a 4K signal from the monitor.

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Playing on 1440p?

In a Twitter post by @1AxelGaming1, the next-gen console was connected to 1440p monitor with an HDMI 2.0, then according to the display info on the console, it is outputting in 4K resolution, which will then be downscaled to 1440-.

Based on the following-up tweet by the gamer, they are using a Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor, so people that have the same monitor may be able to get the same results.

Furthermore, Axel noted that the HDMI 2.0 available on the display might be the reason why the console was able to render the 4K signal before being downscaled.

According to WCCFTech, some of the 1440p monitors have a built-in downscaler, which tricks the PS5 into receiving a 4K signal from the device, and then allows the console to send out the 4K signal that will be processed by the monitor's downscaler into the actual resolution it has.

A List of Monitors That Might Work

A Redditor by the username u/OnkelJupp has added an "incomplete" list of 1440p displays that has the built-in dowsncaler.

"The most obvious pro is that the picture quality looks very close to a native 4K display," the Redditor wrote on the forum site. "You will also not need an HDMI 2.1 display, 2.0 is enough. The biggest con is that the highest refresh rate that you will be able to experience is 60Hz. You won't be able to display 120Hz games."

Here is the list:

  • Acer VG271UP

  • Asus VG27AQ

  • Asus VG27WQ

  • Asus XG279Q

  • Asus VG32VQ

  • BENQ EX3203R

  • BENQ EX2780Q

  • Gigabyte AD27QD

  • Gigabyte G27QC

  • Gigabyte FI27Q

  • Gigabyte FI27Q-P

  • Gigabyte CV27Q

  • Lenovo Y27Q

  • LG 27GL83A

  • LG 27GL850

  • LG 32GK650F

  • LG 34WL750

  • MSI AG321CQR








  • MSI PS321QR

  • Samsung G5

  • Samsung G7

  • Samsung CHG70

Although these monitors were on the list, it hasn't been confirmed if the trick does works, but if you have any of the displays on the list, you can try it out and share whether it actually works or not.

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