Facebook has made quite a couple of new moves this 2020 and even the years before. With the Messenger alone bringing Facebook quite the popularity due to its convenient means for communication, the social media has decided to upgrade it with a few more features like the Messenger Vanishing Mode. According to an article by Androidcommunity, the Messenger Vanishing Mode is going to come to Instagram!

What is the Messenger Vanishing Mode?

According to the article, there are definitely a few messages received on Facebook Messenger app that people cherish and store them by screenshots in order to capture "the moment". While there are a lot of different messaging apps that already have quite similar ephemeral messaging options, Facebook is thinking that users might need something a little bit quicker.

Facebook is said to bring out something that is called the Vanish Mode to both the Messenger app as well as the Instagram app. This means that messages will eventually disappear once the user has been able to view the embarrassing, silly, or maybe even pretty secret content.

How to use the Messenger Vanishing Mode

The upcoming Messenger Vanish Mode is said to be pretty easy to enable. All users have to do is easily swipe up the given chat thread and this automatically goes into the known mode and in order for users to go back towards the regular mode, they'll have to swipe up yet again, according to the official Messenger announcement..

When users access Messenger Vanish Mode, they will be able to send the typical memes, stickers, memes, or even their reactions without having them show up directly in the chat history. When users swipe up, they will be able to see a brief explanation of how the feature works within Messenger.

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Facebook plans to protect user privacy even more

Of course, there are still a few privacy as well as security concerns that come with regards to this feature but Facebook assures that users will be the ones in control with these features. Only those that are connected with Messenger can access this particular Messenger vanish mode on their chats. It's still pretty much an opt-in feature which is not required and is up to the user to choose to activate or not.

Users will also receive a notification once the recipient will take a screenshot of the shown conversation just in case the topic could potentially make the user feel unsafe. People can also easily either block another user or even report the whole conversation.

The article by androidcommunity tackles a few legitimate reasons for people to use the given Messenger Vanish Mode. This can be used to protect user integrity should the topic of the conversation be sensitive or make the user feel uncomfortable.

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