The New Year is here, and that means millions of people are looking to tackle their resolutions of getting in shape and losing weight by heading to the gym for the first time in ages.

If you happen to be one of those people looking to make a change, good for you! But with so many new people heading off to the gym there are bound to be mistakes, and thanks to the magic that is smartphones, people can record your strange workout habits and upload them to the Internet for all to see. Watching this compilation of people completely failing during their workouts is probably not going to help your confidence levels. Actually, it might. It would be pretty difficult to mess up as bad as some of these people. Either way, the video is damn funny.

The video comes from FailArmy and is more than six minutes of people of all shapes and sizes embarrassing themselves, injuring themselves, or just looking plain silly by having no idea how gym equipment works. There are also a number of people practicing "unconventional" workout routines that are too strange to even describe here. You will just have to watch the video to see them. 

All in all, if you take this video of an example of what not to do with your shiny new gym membership this year, it will be six minutes well spent. There is no way you can fail as hard as these people. Right? On second thought, maybe a home gym might be a better idea. 

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