Mortal Kombat 11 Rain, Mileena, Rambo Fatalities
(Photo : Mortal Kombat / Facebook) Here are the Fatalities of Mileena, Rain, and Rambo.

NetherRealm Studios has added three characters in the roster of champions you can play as in "Mortal Kombat 11," so this means there are more Fatalities you can witness, which for fans of the franchise, is always one part of the game that they look forward to.

The added characters are Mileena, Rain, and Rambo.

Mortal Kombat 11 Rain, Mileena, Rambo Fatalities
(Photo : Mortal Kombat / Facebook)
Here are the Fatalities of Mileena, Rain, and Rambo.

Mileena's Fatalities

To learn the Fatalities in all consoles where the game is available, here are numbers that are assigned to certain buttons in PlayStation, Xbox, and on Switch (thanks, GameRevolution!):

  • 1 corresponds to Square on PS4, Y on Switch, and X on Xbox One
  • 2 corresponds to Triangle on PS4, X on Switch, and Y on Xbox One
  • 3 corresponds to X on PS4, B on Switch, and A on Xbox One
  • 4 corresponds to Circle in PS4, A on Switch, and B on Xbox One

As many of the long-time "Mortal Kombat" fans would recognize, Mileena is the clone of another classic "MK" character, Kitana. As with other characters in the game, the evil clone has a couple of Fatalities, with one "locked" version that players can still perform if they know what to press on their controllers.

With that, here are Mileena's Fatalities:

Spinning Out of Control

  • back, down, back, 2

Mileena needs to be in mid-distance to the enemy, enough for her to jump to her foe, kick them down and make a spinning attack with her sharp and deadly weapons until the enemy is decimated into nothing but indistinguishable blood and flesh.

Violent Delights

  • forward, down, down, 4

This is a "Mortal Kombat 11" hidden Fatality that requires Mileena to be in close range to her enemy so she can grab her enemy close, cut their guts open, and then pull their faces out of their wound.

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Rain's Fatalities

The next champion is Rain, another iconic "Mortal Kombat" character that can turn into water to dodge attacks and create dangerous water blades to kill his enemies, something expected from a half-god.

Here are Rain's Fatalities:


  • back, forward, back, down, 2

Rain can be anywhere on the screen to perform this Fatality, where the half-god cuts down his opponent with some mighty water jets and water blades.

Power Washer

  • back, back, down, 1

This is the character's hidden Fatality that everyone is looking forward to unlocking, but Rain must be in close range to his opponent to make the attack, where he cuts his enemy in half and sends a powerful jet to cleanse his opponent, skin, muscles, and all.

Rambo's Fatalities

Up next is a classic fictional character that may be out of the "Mortal Kombat 11" realm but is an action icon in the 80s: John Rambo. NetherRealm's decision to bring the Sylvester Stallone-derived character is not surprising, given that they have already added The Terminator to the roster.

Here are Rambo's Fatalities:

Straight to Valhalla

  • back, forward, down, 1

You'll want Rambo to be far from his opponent, so he can strap a yard of ammunition around his opponent's waist, kick him into an electric fence where the enemy practically fries, and then finishing the fight with Rambo's knife in the enemy's face.

Parilla Thrilla

  • down, forward, down, 4

Rambo's hidden Fatality can be unlocked at any distance, allowing the action figure to throw his knife to his opponent's chest, causing the enemy to step back and tripping a bamboo stick trap. One of the movie franchise's iconic scene also made it into the Fatality.

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