Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we celebrate Thanksgiving this year will be much more different. 

Virtual Thanksgiving 2020

But thanks to apps like Zoom, we can still connect with our loved ones and be thankful to have lived through such a challenging year--and just because you're celebrating on Zoom does not mean you can't have fun.

Virtual Thanksgiving 2020 on Zoom
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Zoom has lifted the 40-minute limit for Thanksgiving only.

Zoom has already announced that they will be temporarily lifting the 40-minute limit just for Thanksgiving, as per The Next Web, so the celebration can go on smoothly for the whole night.

If you're planning on hosting a virtual Thanksgiving this year, here are some of the best virtual games you can play with your family over Zoom or any video conferencing software you choose after you've stuffed your face full with turkey and some mashed potatoes.

1. Virtual Pictionary

For those who don't know Pictionary, it's basically a game of charade but drawing pictures instead of making gestures. Whoever guesses what the person is drawing gets the point, and the one with the most points wins. 

This is also a great game to play on Zoom since the software already has a Whiteboard function where people can draw stuff and share with those in the meeting.

2. Charades

Speaking of charades, this classic family game will definitely be a fun way for the family to have a good time, and since it doesn't need any sort of prop, it can be easily done virtually.

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3. Bingo!

Bingo is another good game that doesn't require much, except for some Bingo cards that can be printed from the internet. One of you is designated as the caller, or you can use an online Bingo generator that would show the numbers and the pattern needed to win.

With Zoom and most video conferencing software, you can easily share your screen so the Bingo generator can be shared with everyone joining.

4. Trivia

If you and your family love trivia, then a game of Trivial Pursuit is a great chance to make the evening even more fun. You can find a whole bunch of trivia questions online to quiz each other. Have each member of the family make a set of questions in specific categories to avoid duplications, then you can quiz each other via Zoom.

Of course, you must have a time limit per question so the person on the other side of the computer won't have a chance to search the internet for the answer.

5. Scavenger Hunt (with a twist!)

Scavenger hunts are almost always made for groups of people in the same place at the same time. However, you can try to re-make the rules a little to fit a virtual Thanksgiving.

Basically, instead of hiding things and giving clues, you ask the people in the meeting for a specific object that can be found in a typical home setting. Set a time limit for each item. The first one who brings it to the screen will earn a point.

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