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CrossOver 20
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The Apple M1 chip offers a powerful array of capabilities and function to run even Intel-specific applications on its platform while matching its speed and performance. Technology experts are using the "CrossOver" platform to cross-run applications that are made for the Windows OS x86 in the new M1 Silicon chips that deliver considerable performance.

Among Us MacOS CodeWeavers
(Photo : CodeWeavers)

The most valuable technology company, Apple, recently released the M1 Mac variants to the public several days ago and reviews are flooding different platforms now that assess the new tech. A team proceeds out of the usual and went to tweaking the Mac with Windows software that has no guarantees it would work.

Apple's M1 Mac: Now Running Windows Apps via CrossOver 20

CrossOver 20
(Photo : CodeWeavers)

According to 9 to 5 Mac, software developer, CodeWeavers recently announced that CrossOver 20 is now up and running for the MacBooks and Mac Mini that runs the new ARM-Based Silicon processor chip. This software gives Mac users a wider preference for the applications to use in the PC laptops.

Tech experts and reviewers did not let this moment pass by as they made use of the CrossOver 20 for the Apple M1 Macs that are running the latest operating system, macOS Big Sur. The new CrossOver 20 can only run on macOS Big Sur 11.1 beta and bring bug fixes for the Rosetta 2 system.

The CrossOver is available for all variants of the Mac computers that even run on Intel processor chips. However, the performance would not be the same that the new Apple M1 chip brings to the latest MacBooks. The next-generation M1 chip brings significant performance upgrades for the Mac, along with a seamless running of Windows OS applications.

Apple's M1 chips are a significant upgrade to the long-running dependence on Intel by the Cupertino giant's Mac computers. Additionally, the system-on-chip (SoC) technology is a single 5-nanometer device that aims to deliver everything that a computer needs, from CPU to GPU on its systems.

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Apple M1 Macs on CrossOver 20: How Well Does it Run Windows Apps?

According to CodeWeavers blog post, the team which tested the CrossOver 20.0.2 was using the cheapest MacBook fitted with the Silicon chip, namely the MacBook Air. The team also made sure that it is running the macOS Big Sur 11.1 beta to ensure maximum compatibility.

The team finds the performance to be "incredible" when running Innersloth's "Among Us" and Valve's "Team Fortress 2" that are under the x86 Windows version. CrossOver "transforms" the Windows-specific files to run on macOS's language, resulting in the software or application running seamlessly.

Despite not opening up the Mac for gaming, the team observes good performance despite the computer's absence of a dedicated GPU. The 32-bit Windows Binary for Intel runs on the 32 to 64-bit platform of CrossOver 20, a.k.a. Wine, and in turn, on Mac's CPU that emulates an x86 process.

Mac's current operating system is not yet open to various games that are present on the Windows platform. Most Mac apps are available on the App Store, and only select games are available.

CodeWeavers CrossOver 20 for Mac

The developers offer the CrossOver 20 for the macOS and Apple computers in an open-source website. CrossOver 20 is available for free download to all users. The software would "translate" Windows to the macOS language.

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