Twitter Misinformation
(Photo : Twitter Support via @TwitterSupport)

Twitter is now issuing a new service to fight against disinformation and fake news circulating the platform by labeling potentially harmful tweets and pop-up warnings whenever users like or retweet. This feature comes after the various fake news tweets that plagued the platform concerning the topics of COVID-19 and Presidential Elections.

Twitter Misinformation
(Photo : Twitter Support via @TwitterSupport)

The short word social media platform from San Fransisco, Twitter, is now venturing to a safer environment on its smartphone applications and websites, particularly against disinformation apparent on the platform. Instead of waiting for users' reports, Twitter would discern the tweets if it contains misleading data and content.

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Twitter vs. Fake News: Pop-up Warnings when Liking Labeled Tweets

The actions Twitter is taking are all part of its campaign and fight against the massive spread of misleading information caused by trolls, fake accounts, and leftist organizations from conspiracy theories and the like. The social media company initially cracked down against this information from circulating during the coronavirus's early moments and the 2020 US Presidential Elections.

According to Twitter Support's tweet (@TwitterSupport), there would be a pop-up message whenever liking or retweeting a post on the social media that are initially labeled as "disputed." This function resembles the pop-up message whenever retweeting to choose an option between a simple "Retweet" or "Quote Tweet."

Additionally, the company notes that this function already looks at a 29 percent decrease in the current circulation of fake news and disinformation found on the social media platform. This number is a massive reduction of misleading data that are circulating Twitter's previous systems.

Twitter's Misleading Pop-ups: Is this the Best Feature to Add?

Liking a labeled tweet would trigger a pop-up that says, "Help keep Twitter a place for reliable info," and a button where users can read on what makes it misleading. Users can also share insights or comments regarding the tweet that supports or negates the platform's label.

Despite a promising feature, Twitter users are still complaining against social media for not adding other features alongside this function. Twitter user Zenofy (@ZenofyMedia) argues that the company should have included edit buttons for tweets, spoiler alerts or tags, replace the quote tweet with regular RT, etc.


Another user also argues and asks the social media company what the basis is for labeling tweets that are "misleading" on the platform. Twitter's labeling has no exact basis for fake news or misleading tags, which may create disputes among other users.

Twitter's actions to combat fake news are now facing split opinions from social media platforms. The company aims to decrease the number of misleading and disinformation content on Twitter for a safer social media experience.

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