"Pokemon Go" Kalos is coming to the game pretty soon from the series of new videos that were posted on the official "Pokemon Go" Twitter page. Just recently, the game started posting a series of its long awaited "Incoming Transmission" on both its Twitter as well as Facebook page. This showed a Raid Egg equipped with a timer that was set to end on Tuesday afternoon.

'Pokemon Go' Kalos: Espurr

According to the story reported by ComicBook, the 30-second video actually contained a number of easter eggs that seemingly hinted that a new "Pokemon Go" Espurr, which is a particular Psychic-type Pokemon from the known Kalos region will actually be appearing to the game during the Raids that are said to take place sometime next week.

The video only briefly shows the particular wave pattern that is used to identify certain Psychic-type Pokemon within the game as well as feature certain swirls that could well resemble Espurr's own furry curls. Among these clues, the most obvious one came in a particular video that was posted most recently.

Esper: National Pokedex Number 677

Of course, this is still not yet the final confirmation as to whether or not Espurr is really coming to the game. The evidence, however, is pretty strong due to a specific number seen in the video that can be cross-referenced to the official National Pokedex.

The video contained a plane along with a banner that was marked with the number "677" that appeared near the gym. This could be a huge clue since Espurr's known National Pokedex number is actually $677! Although not confirmed, this might be the best interpretation of the official teaser.

The article by ComicBook notes that this multi-day marketing blitz done for Espurr is actually "a bit unusual". While Espurr is now still a bit more popular in comparison to a few Pokemon coming from the known Kalos region, it is still not exactly one of the popular fan-favorites or even a standout Pokemon.

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Upcoming 'Pokemon Go' updates

Its given moveset does not always make it seem like the Pokemon will be of much use in either gyms or even PvP battles either. Except of course perhaps in quite a few niche cases. Fans will have to first see whether the upcoming Espurr Raids will come with other additional twists, or if this particular thing will just be one of the standard 1-Star raids.

"Pokemon Go" is also reportedly going to launch its major update,"Go Beyond" this week, with the sevel new updates and changes. There will also reportedly be other Pokemons coming up like Chespin, Froakie, and Chespin. The game will also shift towards a brand new themed Season with its main focus on different Pokemon as well as different themes. "Pokemon Go" is also reportedly going to release a particular level cap at level 50.

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