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While Tesla tries to build its first ever European factory, Elon Musk has pledged jobs to thousands of Germans and has even been tweeting in German as well. During the topping-out ceremony, he even wore a heavy-duty cord vest and a wide-brimmed balck felt hat just like the ones traditionally worn by the local craftspeople.

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The story was reported by Bloomberg, the message has even been warmly received along with politicians fast-tracking certain approvals for the factory as well as locals all clamoring for jobs as the place had a hard time attracting investment. Back on November 30, Elon Musk swooped straight into the German capital to accept an award for his known entrepreneurial achievements from a certain publisher of the influential Bild tabloid.

Although Elon Musk was well received on this front, another front proved to be problematic. The powerfully known IG Metall labor union along with 2.3 million members had collided with the billionaire. This conflict actually stems from Tesla's objection to sign this collective wage agreements which are pretty standard within Germany.

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The company reportedly ignored the letter coming from IG Metall that was seeking dialogue. During a protest that happened in Berlin, there were reportedly hundreds of workers that desired Tesla's poaching of a particular key manager that came from Daimler AG. According to the deputy leader of the known labor-affiliated faction of the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Christian Baumer, it is definitely not good for a particular automobile manufacturer to remain in permanent conflict against the IG Metall.

It was stated that the union also has organizational power and that it has money as well as experience ending the statement with "it can endure a long fight." Although the IG Metall might have the power it stated, Elon Musk has recently become the second-richest person on the planet surpassing even Bill Gates.

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Why did Tesla choose Berlin?

The Tech CEO is also known not to back away from a fight which was seen in how he has smoothly created a presence in Germany securing the Giga Berlin factory. He has even been able to "court" top officials just like the Economic Minister known as Peter Altmaier, who has promised that he will do whatever is needed to be done in order for the plant to run by the mid 2021.

According to an article by Medium, the union could be a pretty strong enemy as they have successfully gotten another huge name to back away from the country. Previously, the union has even gotten Walmart to leave the German market after a reported string of failures that had something to do with their inability to be able to get along with the known unions.

This, however, could be different since Elon Musk has been strategic politically when it comes to the Giga Berlin. The security of Giga Berlin would mean Tesla's first factory in Europe.

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