Do you want to watch thousands of TV channels without monthly fees? How about have access to all programs, series, and movies, available across the globe? Or own a TV that can download apps from Google Play Store? Sounds great, right? Here's a surprise for you!

Tanggula IPTV Box, the new live streaming TV box, is now available online! This device has tons of great features that anyone can enjoy- especially if you love watching television.

It offers over 4000 channels with different genres- from sports to popular TV series and movies today. Besides that, this TV box can be used anywhere you go. Just plug it in, and enjoy!

The Tanggula IPTV Box could be the perfect replacement to your expensive cable TV.

How expensive is your cable TV?

The television or TV is one of the most regularly-used appliances inside anyone's home. Whether you're from the United States or Asia, it is an important and most convenient way to lessen the boredom.

But, did you know that paying for cable TV every month, also slowly rips off your savings?

According to the report, basic cable (with few available channels) usually costs between $20 and $25 per month. Some may even charge users, as high as $100 per month.

In total, an average household cable package spends at least $240 per year or in 12 months. That is just the average cable TV charge if you're looking for basic cable services. How about if you want to upgrade?

Americans have been the first-hand victims of too expensive cable TV for years now. However, with the abundance of third-party software like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus; most people now prefer to pay a subscription to these channels to watch a variety of programs.

If you're paying at least $200 a year for TV channels, these subscriptions should, at the minimum, be part of the package. Unfortunately, they're not.

Luckily, we found the best solution against these costly cable TV charges. Not only does it let users watch over 4000 channels in one sitting, but it also doesn't have monthly charges to be paid!

What is Tanggula IPTV Box?

Can you imagine a TV box that allows you to watch unlimited programs and movies from across the globe? That is what Tanggula IPTV Box is all about!

It lets you watch your favorite TV series, movies, or even play apps on your television- like an alternative to your computer monitor.

If you're still unconvinced yet with this device, here is a quick rundown of top things to totally love with your new Tanggula TV box.

Watch over 4000+ channels in one TV

Whenever you buy a monthly subscription from a basic cable package, only a few channels can be accessed with your television.

If you're lucky, you may get the ones you like. If not, then it's your problem.

Meanwhile, with the new Tanggula IPTV Box, anyone can watch over 4000 channels on one device. You can choose TV programs from the U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, and more.

Tanggula users not only have access to channels around the world, but they can also choose between varieties of channels for everyone inside your home.

Pick channels related to sports, kids' cartoons, music, shopping, TV shows, or international movies.

Choose any third-party apps to be installed

One thing that makes Tanggula TV more unique than cable TV is you can download apps to be installed on your TV right away.

This means, if you want to watch Disney+ or Amazon Prime, go back to the device's homepage and click Google Play Store. Just like a regular device, Tanggula TV allows you to download any apps you want.

The TV box already has pre-installed Netflix, Youtube, or Amazon Prime. If you want to watch here, tap the app icon, and put your details (username and password) to open the application.

Operated by the latest Android 9.0, the Tanggula TV box also has a built-in 4GB memory and 64G Flash ROM to support extended memory by USB stick or Micro SD.

An option to multi-screen TV watch, catch-up/record episode, or pause live

Let's say you were not at home when your favorite basketball team ended the season finale. In Tanggula IPTV Box, anyone in your house can record the episode by clicking Record.

All recordings can be watched on the Catch-up mode of the TV box.

Not only can you record and replay programs, but users can also watch at least four channels on one screen using the Tanggula feature called Multi-screen.

Since it has over 4000 channels, you might be interested in trying this feature immediately.

If you want, there's also an option to pause the live TV, as long as you want. How amazing, right?

Experience 8K resolution TV watching

Obviously, the Tanggula IPTV box offers more than your basic cable TV in terms of TV resolution. This device can maximize your TV viewing with as high as 8K resolution.

Depending on your internet connection, you could get this quality without paying too much money.

You can already enjoy quality TV binge-watching from the lowest internet speed connection of 20 Mbps, up to as high as 50 Mbps or above.

Higher performance hardware configuration

Tanggula is not only a perfect alternative to cable TV. It also has a higher performance hardware configuration compared to its competitors.

For example, it has a Quad-Core A55 with a GPU of G31 MP2 for faster resolution and watching. Even accessible to dual-band Wi-Fi from 2.4G to 5G internet connection.

Avoid buffers in between your watching with Tanggula IPTV Box's installed Amlogic S905X3 64-bit Quad-Core, plus 4G HIGH-SPEED RAM. You can also use 1000MB Ethernet on the device!

No monthly fees!

Last but not least, Tanggula IPTV box is probably the cheapest TV box you can get today. There are no hidden charges, and you can get these channels without paying any monthly fees!

That's right! You can get over 4000 channels installed on your television-- without paying too much. Just go to the page, and pay for the IPTV box for a price as low as $249 inclusive of 1 year IPTV service, with only $79/year renewal fees.

Tech Times readers can also have a $70 huge discount on buying this device by only typing discount code: "tanggula" upon purchase.

This will save you money as high as $200 per year. Isn't that cheap?

Why choose Tanggula IPTV Box?

Watching television should be a relaxing period of the day. It needs to be refreshing or be extremely memorable.

However, if you're paying too much for just basic channels that you don't even like on cable TV, probably, it is not a good way to end your day.

You need something new that can offer you more varieties of channels you don't even know existed. If you like that to happen, get your own Tanggula IPTV box now. And enjoy the rest of the day!

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