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What Exactly Is Layer3 TV, And Why Is T-Mobile So Confident It’ll Change The Cable Landscape Forever?

T-Mobile wants to change the state American cable for the better. So it’s acquiring Layer3 TV, which offers encoded signal via internet protocol, resulting in faster and more efficient streaming.

Internet December 14, 2017

Verizon Could Buy Comcast Valued At $173 Billion

Verizon is rumored to be contemplating the acquisition of cable company Comcast, which is valued at $173 billion. This acquisition may aid Verizon in expanding its reach in the wireless space.

Business Tech January 19, 2017

FCC Votes To Open Set-Top Boxes To More Competition, Cable Industry Naturally Opposes

The FCC moves forward with its campaign to 'Unlock the Box.' Cable and satellite service providers continue to fight the proposed rule changes, of course.

Legal February 20, 2016

Google Working With FCC To Develop Secret High-Tech Cable Box, Say Comcast And Friends

Google is in cahoots with the FCC to get rid of cable boxes, a coalition of pay TV companies allege. However, Google says it has no immediate plans to do so.

Internet February 12, 2016

ESPN Laying Off 4.3 Percent Of Its Workforce As Cable TV Struggles

ESPN prepares to announce job cuts, which can affect as much as 4.3 percent of its total workforce worldwide. While the cable network’s operating income rose 7 percent to $2.1 billion, its advertising revenue has dropped.

Business October 21, 2015

Netflix's Impressive 2015 Line-Up Continues To Kill The Competition Between Streaming And Cable TV

It’s been a huge year for Netflix when it comes to its original programming, bringing out their big guns with Marvel series, comedies, drama and sci-fi titles. With a good amount of quality original series, Netflix continues to compete against cable TV networks for the best content.

Feature September 17, 2015

Netflix Wants FCC To Block AT&T And DirecTV Merger: Here's Why

The FCC has released documents showing that officials from Netflix met with the FCC to discuss the streaming service's concerns over the impending merger between AT&T and DirecTV.

Business May 7, 2015

Can Ditching Cable For Streaming TV Really Save You Money? We Examine If Cord Cutting Is Worth It

It's the question on everyone's minds: When can I ditch my cable subscription and go with Internet streaming full-time? We have the answers.

Feature March 20, 2015

Does HBO Now Streaming Service Spell The End Of Traditional TV?

HBO's new streaming service highlights the shift in the entertainment industry toward web-based content. It may also be a critical point for cable companies.

Internet March 12, 2015

Internet now preferred TV viewing platform as cable subscriber number lags

New research shows more users are using broadband services to watch television. For the first time ever, more broadband subscribers exist than cable TV subscribers.

Internet August 18, 2014

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