Lego sets are part of pop culture and a lot of people collect them as a hobby. These colorful blocks are not just for children, as adults also put time, money and effort to complete their desired pieces.

Due to its undying popularity, brands have used Lego to their advantage by marketing themselves and releasing limited edition Lego sets that does not come cheap.

From Spider-Man and The Avengers to airports and castles, here are some of the most expensive Lego sets as of 2020.

Big Rig Truck Stop ($3,700)

The Big Rig Truck Stop is a vintage Lego set that was released in 1987. At that year, it was only worth $52.75, but as decades passed it is now worth $3,700.

The set includes three massive rigs that have not been re-released by Lego, thus marking up their value. The set also has tiny repair shops to give off the truck stop feel. The Big Rig Truck Stop is now considered as one of the rarest sets available because of its limited production.

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Spider-Man Combined Set ($3,996.93)

The Spider-Man Combined Set was released in 2004 and is one of the Lego sets that are difficult to find. It is also considered as one of the bigger sets in the Spider-Man series and it has a lot of options to build and customize Spider-Man's universe.

The whole set contains Spider-Man's Train Rescue, Doc Ock's Fusion Lab and Doc Ock's Hideout. It has a total of 1022 pieces to complete the Spider-Man universe, according to Brickset.

Town Plan ($4,546.77)

The Lego Town Plan was sold widely across the UK and Ireland in 1962. The 755 piece originally cost $12.50 at the time, but the set has now become one of the most rare and expensive in Lego's history. It is also one of the best selling sets and due to its nostalgia factor, numerous Lego enthusiasts are bidding to take it home.

Mr. Gold - ($4,680)

Mr. Gold is a minifigure that was distributed randomly on the Series 10 packs, making it a rare find. Its high value is due to the fact that only 5,000 units were produced.

Mr. Gold is one of Lego's most premium minifigures and it comes with a gold exterior. Lego's minifigures series has 16 unites and collectors have fought to get their hands on Mr. Gold, with some selling the item on eBay.

1978 Castle ($6,321.26)

Lego's Castle brickset was distributed in 1978, making it the oldest set that is based on the Castle theme. This set has 767 parts and 14 minifigures. What makes this castle set impressive is its attention to detail, with the mini-knights having adjustable visors and swords.

The minifigures are also given the medieval look, complete with shields and horses. The set was original priced at $49.99 when it first came out.

Command Centre ($10,141)

Released in 1979, Lego's Command Centre Set has stood the test of time. It is also labeled as the most expensive set in the market, according to Bricklink.

The Command Centre Set has 173 parts and 4 minifigures. It also has a camera buggy and the set can be combined with 918 or 924 sets to give off the space aesthetic. It was originally sold at $24.99, and now it is the rarest set.

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