Apple has launched a repair program to help all iPhone 11 users who are experiencing touchscreen issues. The company will now replace unresponsive and glitchy screens for free.

Apple has acknowledge that numerous iPhone 11 displays is factory defective, with screens freezing up and won't respond to touch because of an issue with the display module.

Free replacement

The company notes that the iPhone 11 modules made and distributed between November 2019 and May 2020 may face these touchscreen issues and Apple is now offering free service and replacement for all customers who have unfortunately bought the defective ones.

Apple has created a support page on the Apple website to assist affected customers and for them to know if they are eligible for the free screen replacement. Customers will need to enter their phone's serial number to check.

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The serial number can be found in the Settings, under the About section. The program is only available for iPhone 11 users whose phones were manufactured between the dates stated above.

If you are eligible for the free service, then you will need to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider, give your phone's serial number and make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store or you can contact Apple for a mail-in service through the Apple Repair Center.

Apple recommends all eligible customers to secure all of the data and create a backup before getting their phone's touchscreens fixed. If the display is cracked, then it needs to be repaired before the touchscreen issue can be fixed.

According to Apple, it may limit the repair program to the original area of purchase and that the program will not affect or extend the standard warranty coverage of the phone.

Other defects

Aside from unresponsive touchscreens, there are other defects that iPhone 11 users have to deal with. The most common one is a display issue.

Most customers say that most of the time, when they unlock their launch day iPhone 11 Pro, the screen looks all washed out with a green tint. After 3 seconds, it goes back to normal. The phone's OLED display may be responsible for this glitch.

Some users have installed iOS 14 in an attempt to fix the issue. While some thinks that this is a software problem, may claim that it could be a hardware issue because the green-tinted glass showed no tint when screenshots of it were made.

Dysfunctional Wireless charging is also an issue, some customers with Qi wireless charges reported that after they have placed their phone on the charger, it will not charge despite the phone recognizing it.

Sometimes it becomes hot to the touch. Some users said that this issue started after installing iOS 13, which could be a software problem, according to the Apple community.

iPhone 11 users may continue to charge their phones with a wired connection. The iPhone's OS needs to be updated with a stable iOS 14. Mechanical maneuvers could also be done such as turning it off or restarting it, which has solved the issue for some users.

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