The amount of "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" abilities can be quite overwhelming for most players starting out with the game. Although fairly new, some players have been able to master enough to bring back the best "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" abilities, how to unlock them, and how to destroy the enemies with them. One of the best lists was presented by TheGamer, which brings 10 different "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" abilities and their strong points.

1. Piercing shot

Of course, the piercing shot from Eivor's bow is able to go through any obstacle between players and the enemy. This is easily one of the best abilities since players can go through certain obstacles and still do damage to the enemy.

2. Mark of Death

Another ability of Eivor which players will be able to unlock even before making their ways to England. A very powerful early game ability as Eivor charges up a particular volley of arrows that are very useful for multiple enemies.

Unlock: Get the ability underneath the pig farmer located next to where players meet with Grom.

3. Ranged Fire Strike

Quite similar to Odyssey, the fire damage is still both equally brutal and annoying for enemies and allies. Make sure to steer clear of allies and so be careful of this ability.

4. Incendiary Power Trap

This ability is actually pretty good since players can use Eivor to shoot this wall in order to light them on file.

Unlock: Basically, players will find that all over England/Norway, there are certain stone-barriers that are destroyable by either shooting or throwing certain vials of oil at them.

5. Harpoon Impalement

What happens is Eivor throws a particular Harpoon connected to a rope straight to the enemy. This can also be used to throw enemies into a wall, another enemy, or even off the cliff.

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6. Rage of Helheim

One of the alleged "best" "Assassin's Creed Valhall" abilities unlockable. This ability is almost 100% accurate especially when players master the particular left-right punch.

Unlock: This ability can be unlocked after successfully conquering Rygjafylke over in Norway. All players need to do is to ignore the particular Animus warning Eivor that this particular memory is out of bounds and simply jump over the waterfall without having to leave the edge of the world. Players will see the Book of Knowledge.

7. Kick of Tyr

Almost the same with the Harpoon Impalement. This ability is almost as good as the Spartan Kick from "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" which reportedly made even the toughest enemies fall down.

8. Rush and Bash

When used, Eivor then tackles and also carries an enemy along with them. Eivor then smashes them straight into a wall that they encounter. Although, this "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" ability is quite not as good as the Harpoon Impale, 

9. Feign Death

Considered as a "get out of jail free" type of card in "AC Valhalla", Eivor pretends to die and when an enemy comes over, Eivor then either assassinates them or still remains "dead." One of the stealthiest in-game abilities.

10. Poison Melee Strike

From the name itself, this is a melee attack. Players won't have to worry as this ability won't backfire. Eivor can even apply this type of debuff to enemies.

An article by GamePressure gives a view on how players will be able to unlock these abilities. Although some of them naturally appear later on in the game, a few of them need to be unlocked by doing special things.

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