GoPro recently teased the addition of a new device and accessory on its current lineup, introducing the Smart Remote to control photo and video shutter, camera modes, settings, and the power button. The release of the latest Smart Remote from GoPro also brings the anticipated firmware update for the Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black, and Hero Max.

December would be a busy month for the action camera technology company, GoPro, as new offers and accessories to complete the favorite camera's experience comes to the market and online this year. Indeed, the release of these new accessories would be a buzzer-beater event for GoPro, but it would certainly be in time for the Christmas holiday. 

GoPro Smart Remote 2020: Teaser Reveals Dec. 17 Release

According to Tech Radar's report, GoPro recently teased the release of a new Smart Remote special for the action camera's devices, featuring the same buttons included in the camera's body. The teaser was announced by the company out-of-the-blue, with no preliminary talks or news regarding the new remote. 

The 18-year-old smart camera company has already released the 2019 version of the first Smart Remote, which received mixed reviews from tech experts and enthusiasts. Most reviews said that the Smart Remote works best with GoPro's Hero cameras; however, they are not practical and a good value for their price. 

Despite its previous public reception, GoPro boldly made a new Smart Remote for 2020, but there is still no news regarding what would be unique about it, only that it would be released next week, Thursday, December 17. The teaser came with the release of GoPro's latest feature called the Mural for the app's opening screen. 

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GoPro Firmware Update for Hero 9 Black, etc. Releases Same Day as Smart Remote

GoPro would drop two bombs in one day, with the official launch of 2020's GoPro Smart Remote and release the latest firmware update for the Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black, and Hero MAX. The action camera were all awaiting this release as this would directly impact the overall performance of the GoPro's system.

The released teaser came with the previous announcement of the "Mural" feature on GoPro's app, which the company initially unveiled last Wednesday, December 9. The new feature would parade a user's favorite photos on the smartphone application, resembling Apple Photos' lookback feature and memories. 

The display would be the application's background and move around in the carousel of favorite images selected by the user. GoPro's latest firmware update for its action cameras would focus on giving a better performance and usage capabilities of the Hero cameras.

The firmware would improve Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black, and Hero MAX's offload speeds by 30 percent, bringing together faster wireless transfer speeds from camera to smartphone application. This feature is a must for GoPro cameras as the previous version presents slow rates and a laggy experience. 

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