CD Projekt's "Cyberpunk 2077" is perhaps one of the most highly-anticipated game titles of the year, especially as it had been delayed a few times and fans had to wait for almost a year to get their hands on it finally.

But now that it's here, fans are practically having a great time playing as V, the fully customizable main character of the game, roaming around the open-world Night City in search of the cyberware that grants immortality alongside the ghost of Keannu Reeve's Johnny Silverhand.

How to Unlock 'Cyberpunk 2077' Endings

"Cyberpunk 2077" is a game about choices, and with that, it's not surprising that it does have multiple endings--and like with most games with numerous conclusions, some are better than the others.

Unlocking all the endings itself is an adventure, but seriously, most of us would want to get the best ending first, then try to unlock the other endings post-game.

According to GamesRadar, the primary campaign itself is relatively short, so before you reach Nocturne OP55N1, you'll want to unlock every side quest possible and complete them so you'll have a better chance at unlocking every "Cyberpunk 2077" ending.

With that, here's a guide on how to unlock every "Cyberpunk 2077" ending and their explanation:

DISCLAIMER: The following guide will contain major spoilers. Please read at your own risk.

Cyberpunk 2077 Ending Guide: What to Do Before Hitting Nocturne OP55N1

Besides doing all the side quests, especially Panam's arc, you'll also want to establish a great relationship with Johnny Silverhand before you reach the Nocturne OP55N1, which is known as the "point of no return."

To do that, you need to unlock the side quest with Rogue and be friendly with Johnny every time you are given a chance, especially during the grave scene.

That is basically the only requirement you'll need to explore all the possible endings of the game, but then again, some of the choices you make will definitely significantly impact what conclusion you get.

Furthermore, whatever ending you get, you'll always go back to Night City and continue playing before when you reach Nocturne OP55N1, although this time, you'll have an ending-based reward.

With that, here are the possible "Cyberpunk 2077" endings:

Siding with Arasaka

This has two possible conclusions, and both can be acquired regardless of your relationship level with Johnny as you'll always have the choice to trust Arasaka when you reach Nocturne OP55N1, and if you do side with them, Johnny will be unhappy with V, but you'll take the Omega blockers and say goodbye to him for a while.

After calling Hanako, you will get into a car driven by Anders Hellman, and while you wait, you can ask Misty for a Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards reading, allowing you to get the final card if you're lucky.

There will be tons of events during this time, such as rescuing Hanako from her brother, the revelation that her father is alive as an engram, a hit squad nearly killing V and Hanako, then you are tasked to find Hanako's brother and face off with Johnny's killer, Adam Smasher.

You'll leave Yorinobu with Hanako, then go to Hellman, who'll take you to Mikoshi, and into Cyberspace where you reunite with an unhappy Johnny.

Eventually, you'll be asked to either sign up with Arasaka, which leads to the following consequences:

  • Join Arasaka and sign up for Arasaka's pilot program, Secure Your Soul, where V will become an engram and will be stored in Mikoshi.

  • Refuse the contract, get back to Earth, and die before winter comes, where the game ends, and you won't be able to wrap up things you left undone in Night City.

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Request Panam's Help

To get this conclusion, be sure you finish Panam Palmer's arc.

After finishing Panam's side jobs, you'll have a great relationship with her that she's willing to help you in any way she can, something you'll need for this "Cyberpunk 2077" ending, which is practically the better one.

This works out by calling Panam for help to break into Arasaka Tower and reach Mikoshi, there, you can ask Misty for reading again, where you get the chance to unlock the final card.

There will be tons of events, such as breaking down the Aldecaldos' plan, and then V becoming an official part of the group with your own jacket, which is something you get to keep as you come back to Night City soon.

The next day, there will be plenty of combat both inside and outside of Basilisk, and you'll end up losing two characters, but the plan must go on, and you and the team go further to the lower levels of the tower to plug in Alt, who helps defeat Arasaka guards.

You'll have to face Adam Smasher afterward, who sadly kills another team member, but finally, you get to plug yourself into Mikoshi, where you find yourself in Cyberspace.

If you have a good relationship with Johnny, you can unlock these choices:

  • Go back to Earth in your body despite not having to live long enough.

  • Have Johnny take your body and then return to have a long life as V, with V's construct becoming a part of Alt.

If you choose to go back to Earth, you'll leave Night City with the remaining members of Aldecaldos, who will help you find "someone out there" who can help you with your short life expectancy problems, then you'll be in a relationship with Judy who goes with you and everyone you know in Night City sending you voice messages.

If you choose the latter, Johnny will return to Earth as V, and then you can wrap up some things in Night City, but Johnny will soon leave the city too to find a fresh start.

Let Johnny and Rogue Go

To unlock this ending, you need to have a great relationship with Johnny Silverhand, and if you don't have the best relationship with the rock star, you won't be able to unlock this "Cyberpunk 2077" finale.

This ending allows Johnny to take over V's body, so you get to play Johnny for the entirety.

Once Johnny takes over, he will go to the Afterlife to get help from Rogue, who agrees and creates a plan and brings Weyland to help, then talk to Nix, the Afterlife's netrunner, so that you can communicate with Alt.

Then you proceed to the Arasaka Tower, and somewhere along the way, you'll lose Weyland, so make sure you find him first before going further for additional firepower, and then just keep on following Rogue until it's time to plug in Alt.

You'll get to Mikoshi and fight Johnny's nemesis Adam Smasher, who unfortunately kills Rogue, but not before Rogue drops a grenade in his suit. You can also get Rogue's gun after. Then, plug into Mikoshi to reunite with V.

The choices you have are as follows:

  • Let Johnny take V's body and live a long life as V with V's construct becoming part of Alt.

  • Return as V, despite the short life expectancy

If Johnny takes over, you come back to Earth and get to wrap up some final things in Night City before he leaves for a fresh start.

Do Nothing

If you want to choose an anti-climactic ending, get everyone pissed off, and have zero resolutions, you can simply do nothing by selecting the option to "put all this to rest," then watch as V tosses the pills off the rooftop.

Johnny will be confused, but he's not in control, so he can't do anything, then hear some pissed off messages from everyone you have met throughout the game.

Cyberpunk 2077: The Secret Ending

The secret "Cyberpunk 2077" ending can be acquired if you have a great relationship with our resident rockstar, so again, hit those side jobs.

To unlock it, have Johnny and Rogue go, but instead of saying "Do your thing, Johnny," wait and keep looking between Johnny and the gun for about five minutes until it triggers Johnny to speak, saying he'll do a solo mission, so nobody has to die.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been tried yet, so let us know what happens next!

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