If you own a PS4 and it feels like there is nothing left to play, it is possible that you may have skipped on some hidden masterpieces that are worth the try.

There are great indie titles that are just waiting to be played. These special games usually come from small teams, sometimes from one person, who can't market their product as well as massive games such as "Cyberpunk 2077" or "FIFA". These are some of the hidden gems of PS4 that you can explore.

Moving Out

"Moving Out" is a game that gives you the perspective of moving from your house, but without any stress. The game relies on physics-based mechanics to give hours of fun. Gameplay is centered around collecting a number of furniture before the timer runs out.

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You can do everything to accomplish your tasks. You can trample over items, break windows, toss smaller furniture into the moving truck and more. But this game becomes better if you play it with a friend.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

"Kentucky Route Zero" was first introduced in 2013 with Kickstrater. In 2020, the game is already fully fleshed-out that gives games the complete experience and five chapters to play. The game received praise for its aesthetic and ability to create a unique ambiance.

In this game, you play as Conway, a truck driver going through Route Zero in Kentucky. Along the journey you will meet some of the strangest characters but you will also come across special moments.


If you wish to relax, then you can play "Spiritfarer." This game warms the heart both on the surface level and through the deeper themes that it has. The graphics are colorful and polished, and it will introduce you to a world that is capable of teaching valuable lessons.

Spiritfarerr deals with death and the necessary acceptance that comes with it. It is not an easy topic to be confronted with, even for video games.

In this game, you will play as Stella, who becomes the new Charon and you will inherit the task to ferry the dead into the afterlife. You can give this game a try if you wish to go on a meaningful journey.

Tokyo Dark: Remembrance

"Tokyo Dark: Remembrance" is a game developed by indie studio Cherrymochi. It features Detective Ito Ayami who is looking for her missing partner.

Kazuki Tanaka disappeared during an investigation and it is up to you to find out what happened. A mask will help you but you must be on guard. In this game, your choices matters so it is best to pay close attention to what you do. Those who loves visual stories while solving puzzles and exploring different environments will enjoy this game.


"Visage" is a psychological horror game with mind bending puzzles that will make your heart pound and hands sweat. This game is not for the faint of heart as there will be jump scares. This is a demo for the cancelled "Silent Hills" game.

The game will make you think twice about staying home alone. Your goal is to get through three chapters full of scary, paranormal activities and puzzles. This is the perfect game for horror lovers.

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