Electronic Arts more popularly known by their logo with their initials EA which has been a major part of PC gaming has recently tried to swipe Codemasters with a whopping $957.9 million takeover bid, despite the already existing prior agreements along with Take-Two Interactive.Will EA be able to acquire Codemasters with that offer?

EA games tries to snatch Codemasters

According to Sky News, it was stated by a certain "industry source," EA had "gatecrashed" the bidding for the known developer and publisher originally for £725 million in GBP takeover bid. When converted to USD, this amount is estimated to be around $957.9 million.

According to the story by NicheGamer, the move remains to be quite surprising, considering a previously made report that Take-Two Interactive were already set to acquire the company. Both of the companies had already announced their agreement to this deal.

Will Take-Two Interactive give counteroffer?

Codemaster's most recent title was the game popularly known as "Dirt 5" which is available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, the Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X. Come 2021, the game will also reportedly be available for Stadia. The studio also includes popular games like the known "F1 series" as well as some other non-racing games such as the massive "Overlord".

Sky news also reportedly theorized whether or not Take-Two will try to make a counter offer to combat the massive $957.9 million offering. A Codemasters spokesman has reportedly declined to give comments to Sky News. It was also reported that EA was unable to reach for a comment.

EA best games

EA has been a huge player in computer games as a lot of its successful titles like the "Sims series", "FIFA series", "Need for Speed", "Command & Conquer", "Battlefield Series", "Rock Band", and even a few "Star Wars" games. These games have been a huge part of early PC gaming and even console gaming. The modern versions of these games also have a huge following up to today.

EA, however, has reportedly received quite a backlash about how they charge their gamers with in-game purchases instead of the massive one-time purchase. However, since most games are doing it as of the moment, this particular business technique has slowly been normalized.

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PlayStation 5 rumors

With the recent launch of the PlayStation 5 as well as the lack of titles for the next-generation console as of the moment, EA's possible snatch of Codemasters could result in the company offering more games later on. Of course, this still depends on how the company performs and if the company will indeed be able to take over Codemasters from Take-Two Interactive.

The PS5 stocks are still reportedly hard to find but slowly, more and more people are getting their hands on Sony's latest console. It is still unknown as to how many new PS5 stocks will be rolled out before this 2020 ends but rumors have suggested a few might arrive.

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