A particular YouTuber was given a custom iPhone 12 Pro to review that allegedly had a piece of the moon. The said iPhone came from a company called Caviar which is popular for its luxury customized products and is selling the iPhone with a piece of the moon for a whopping $6,290!

iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey Moon

The YouTuber Marques Brownlee was given the iPhone 12 to review and it showed what he called what feeled more like an art piece. The custom design showed an illustration of space and the moon along with a tiny piece located in the bottom said to hold the piece of the moon. The phone said to weigh more in weight and is thicker compared to the regular iPhone.

According to the official Caviar website, the customized iPhone is called the Space Odyssey Moon and is selling for a whopping $6,290! The product description on the page states that this iPhone 12 Pro will have an inserted fragment of an actual meteorite that had fallen from the Moon and hit the Earth's surface.

The smartphone's back cover is reportedly made out of titanium and includes schematic orbits of known celestial bodies. This is also topped with a panel of certain composite stone that does echo the starry sky. On the website, it is said that this is a very limited edition iPhone 12 Pro with only 19 units being sold.

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How do you get a piece of the moon? 

In order to find out more about the iPhone, YouTuber Marques Brownlee called Neil deGrasse Tyson to ask a few questions in hopes of finding out if the stone is legitimate. The first question asked was "how do pieces of the moon end up on Earth?" Neil explained that there were three ways as to how pieces of the moon could be acquired.

  • The first method was to go to the moon and scoop up certain material and bring it back. This has been what NASA has been doing for quite some time in order to study the Earth's moon.

  • The second method was for samples to be collected even without the need of certain human machines that go to the moon in order to collect samples to send back to Earth.

  • The third way was reportedly through an asteroid hitting the moon with such energy that pieces of the moon are flung out of orbit. It was then said that 100% of the time, these pieces still do end up on Earth.

Neil deGrasse Tyson then confirmed that there are actual ways of purchasing pieces of the moon online through certain auctions but getting a particular size of this matter entirely depends on the budget. The comment made on the iPhone 12 Pro Moon was that it was quite expected to sell at that given price should it be an actual piece of the moon. The video then goes on reviewing the product.

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