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Google Honors Apollo 11 Software Developer Margaret Hamilton With Moonlight Portrait Bigger Than Central Park

At the Mojave Desert in California on Thursday, over 107,000 solar mirrors reflected the moonlight to create a portrait of Margaret Hamilton. She led the team that developed the onboard flight software of Apollo 11.

Space July 21, 2019

China Reveals Ambitious Plans Of Lunar Exploration, Including Building A Robotic Outpost

Many countries are eyeing the moon for their space missions in the next few decades. Among these countries is China, who is planning a robotic research station at the moon's south pole.

Space July 19, 2019

'Half-Blood Moon' Partial Lunar Eclipse Coincides With 50th Anniversary Of Apollo 11 Liftoff

Skywatchers saw the moon in varying colors of red during a rare lunar event dubbed as half-blood moon partial eclipse. This celestial phenomenon was visible in most parts of the world on July 16.

Space July 17, 2019

Huge Mass Of What Could Be Iron On Moon Could Jumpstart Investment In Space Mining

A mysterious mass underneath the lunar surface could provide a wealthy source of valuable metals to be mined. If researchers were right, iron that can be used to construct facilities outside of Earth can be mined from the Moon.

Space June 24, 2019

ESA Testing New Device That Could Save Lives In Future Moon Missions

The ESA has begun testing the new prototype of Lunar Evacuation System Assembly, or LESA, during the NEEMO 23 mission at the Atlantic Ocean. The technology will one day be used to rescue injured astronauts on the moon.

Space June 22, 2019

Former Astronaut Michael Collins Posts Previously Unreleased Photo Of Apollo 11 Crew

Fifty years after the historic Moon landing, NASA astronaut Michael Collins shared a photo of the Apollo 11 crew that the public has never seen before. The photo showed Collins holding a replica of the moon.

Space June 18, 2019

NASA Puts Out Open Call To Private Companies On Supplying Lunar Station

NASA's Lunar Gateway is part of the United States' goal to maintain a presence on the Moon. The space station will serve as an outpost for astronauts who will explore the lunar surface and other destinations across the solar system.

Space June 15, 2019

NASA Admin Estimates New Moon Landing Mission Will Cost Up To $30 Billion

The Artemis program will place two American astronauts on the surface of the moon in 2024. It will cost up to $30 billion, which exceeds NASA's current annual budget.

Space June 14, 2019

Anomalies On Moon's South Pole Could Be Caused By Metal Asteroid Impact

Researchers found an anomaly underneath the South Pole-Aitken basin on the far side of the moon. According to their calculations, the anomaly might have been caused by the remains of the asteroid that created the impact 4 billion years ago.

Space June 11, 2019

NASA Selects 3 Companies To Deliver Science Payloads To Lunar Surface For Moon Missions

NASA is shooting for a return to the moon by 2024, but who's coming along for the ride? The space agency announced three commercial landing service providers that will be carrying lunar payloads for them.

Space June 3, 2019

Strange 'Flashes' Of Light Reported To Appear On Lunar Surface

Several times a week, brief flashes of light appear on the surface of the Moon. A team of researchers from Germany proposed that the mysterious phenomena might be related to the recent discovery of seismic activity in the natural satellite.

Space June 2, 2019

Russia Wants To Send Crewed Mission To Lunar Surface By 2030

Dmitry Rogozin recently spoke about Roscosmos' future lunar plans, including a manned mission by 2030. Russia is only one of the many nations, including the United States, that aims to land on the surface of the Moon.

Space May 29, 2019

Asteroid With Its Own Moon To Have Close Encounter With Earth This Weekend

A potentially hazardous asteroid massive enough to have its own moon will fly by Earth this weekend. It will be the object's second-closest encounter with Earth in the past two decades.

Space May 24, 2019

Satellite Manufacturer Maxar Technologies To Build First Piece Of NASA's Lunar Orbital Station Gateway

In line with the moon mission set for 2024, NASA picked Maxar Technologies to develop the first piece of lunar station Gateway. The power and propulsion element will be the foundation of outpost orbiting the moon.

Space May 24, 2019

Rare Union Between Nitrogen Ice And Carbon Monoxide Ice Observed Neptunian Moon Triton

Neptune's largest moon Triton has a rare mix of carbon monoxide and nitrogen ice on its surface. Researchers used the Gemini Observatory's telescope in Chile to study the distant object.

Space May 24, 2019

Dwarf Planet May Have Collided With The Moon A Long Time Ago

A new study suggests that the Moon's asymmetrical look may have been caused by a direct collision with another space object. The culprit may have been an asteroid or a dwarf planet about 450 to 480 miles in diameter.

Space May 22, 2019

All Water On Earth Originated From The Moon’s Formation, Says Study

New research showed evidence that the same cosmic collision that created the moon also brought water to Earth. It means that life on Earth can be traced to this single collision 4.4 billion years ago.

Space May 22, 2019

NASA Takes A Peek At Crater Made By Beresheet Spacecraft On Moon

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured the impact site of Israel's Beresheet spacecraft. The image shows a black smudge where the first privately built spacecraft on the Moon crash-landed a month ago.

Space May 18, 2019

China's Lunar Rover Sends Back Interesting Data On History Of Lunar Mantle

Chinese scientists reported that the Chang'e-4 mission found rocks on the lunar surface that might have been blasted from the mantle billions of years ago. The discovery could provide clues about the evolution of the moon.

Space May 16, 2019

NASA Working On Solutions To Fix Limitations Of The Human Body During Spaceflight

Astronauts who will venture to the Moon and Mars will be subjected to cosmic radiation, lack of gravity, and other potential health risks. NASA is figuring out ways to protect future spacefarers from the harmful conditions of space.

Space May 16, 2019

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin Lunar Craft Is Comprised Of Several Multipurpose Modules

Jeff Bezos said that Blue Origin's Blue Moon can carry up to 14,000 pounds of the scientific payload, including multiple rovers, to the lunar surface. A crewed version is also in development.

Space May 14, 2019

Moon Shrinking Like A Raisin, Creating Strong Quakes: Study

The moon is shrinking, generating quakes and wrinkling the surface. With data from the Apollo missions, scientists take a closer look on the moon's mysterious seismic activity.

Space May 14, 2019

NASA Wants You To Record And Share Your Memories Of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

NASA has called on the public to share their memories and recollection about the historic moon landing. The Apollo Stories project will collate recordings that will be featured in NASA's commemorative audio series and social media accounts.

Space May 13, 2019

Tunneling Experts Excited At Prospect Or Boring Tunnels On Lunar Surface

NASA is ramping up plans to return humans back to the lunar surface. Meanwhile, engineers on Earth have started discussing and developing technologies to be used to colonize the Moon.

Space May 11, 2019

Elon Musk Takes Humorous Shot At Jeff Bezos's Moon Lander

On Twitter, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk trolled Jeff Bezos by posting an altered photo of the new Blue Moon lunar lander. Over the years, the two billionaires have clashed because of their contrasting space ambitions.

Space May 11, 2019

Buzz Aldrin Just Called For A 'Great' Human Migration To The Red Planet

Buzz Aldrin is urging the United States to send humans to Mars to set up base permanently. He said that expanding the presence of humans in the universe is necessary to ensure the continuation of the species.

Space May 4, 2019

Moon Formed When Mars-Size Rock Collided With Young Earth Still Covered With Magma Ocean, Theory Suggests

Researchers propose a new theory on how the moon formed. They propose that the moon formed after the giant rock Theia collided with Earth when our planet was still covered in ocean magma.

Space April 30, 2019

Blue Origin Posts Mysterious Tweet With Image Of Antarctic Exploration Ship Endurance

Many speculated that Blue Origin is set to make an important announcement at the Satellite Conference in Washington DC this week. The space company's recent tweet suggested a possible lunar expedition.

Space April 29, 2019

Astrophotographer Grant Petersen Used His Smartphone To Capture Image Of Saturn 'Touching' The Moon

A photographer was able to capture stunning images of the Saturn-moon conjunction with the use of his smartphone. The planet Saturn can be seen 'touching' the moon in the images.

Space April 27, 2019

China Wants To Build A Moon Base In The Lunar South Pole

China is setting its sights on the Moon. After the successful landing of its rover in the lunar far side this year, China announced that it will construct a scientific research station in the Moon's south pole.

Space April 25, 2019

China Releases New Images Of Dark Side Of The Moon

China is serious about its lunar and deep space exploration. The rover and lander tandem Chang’e-4 and Yutu-2 sent back fresh images showing the far side of the moon.

Space April 24, 2019

NASA's Lunar Retroreflector Array Experiment May Have Survived Crash of Israel's Beresheet Moon Lander

An additional NASA payload may have survived the crash of Israel's Beresheet moon lander on April 11, scientists said. The payload contained the Lunar Retroreflector Array experiment.

Space April 18, 2019

April's Full Pink Moon To Rise On Friday

April's full moon earned the moniker 'Pink Moon' not because it causes a rosy hue in the sky, but because it signals the appearance of pink spring flowers. The best time to catch the full moon will be at dawn.

Space April 17, 2019

Meteorites Slamming Into Moon Can Expose Water Hidden Underground

A new study revealed the moon may be losing a lot of water every time meteorites strike. These findings can impact lunar explorations and desire for human colonization in the future.

Space April 17, 2019

Technical Glitch Caused Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft To Crash On The Moon

Israel falls short of landing the Beresheet spacecraft on the moon, coming close to making a soft landing before its sudden crash on the surface. What caused the crash?

Space April 13, 2019

Lockheed Martin Has A Plan To Bring Astronauts Back To The Moon By 2024

Lockheed Martin has unveiled the reimagined lunar lander that will carry astronauts to the surface of the Moon. The new design was in response to NASA's accelerated timeline to return to the lunar surface by 2024.

Space April 13, 2019

Israeli Spacecraft Beresheet Crashes Into The Moon, Fails To Make History

Israel failed to make history as the first nation to send a privately funded spacecraft to the moon. The robotic vehicle Beresheet crashed into the lunar surface instead of making a soft landing.

Space April 11, 2019

Israel Now 7th Nation To Orbit The Moon With Beresheet Spacecraft's Successful Lunar Capture Maneuver

Israel succeeded in being the seventh nation to send a space vehicle to orbit the moon. The lunar capture moved the mission one step closer to its ultimate goal of landing on the surface.

Space April 5, 2019

Australia Reveals Plans To Mine Water On The Moon Within 5 Years

Mining water from the moon could drastically cut down the cost of space exploration and future long-term space missions. Australia's Space Agency recently announced plans to mine water from the lunar surface.

Space April 5, 2019

Apollo 11 Astronauts Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin Planted British Flag On The Moon

A British engineer made Apollo 11 astronauts put a British flag on the moon. The sneaky move was successful and actually had Armstrong and Aldrin inject Britishness to the lunar mission.

Space April 5, 2019

Cassini Spacecraft Spots Tiny 'Ring Moons' On Saturn

During its final days, NASA's Cassini made several close flybys of Saturn's tiny ring moons. In a new study, scientists found that the moons are made up of the same materials as the planet's rings and icy particles from Enceladus.

Space March 30, 2019

Amateur Astronomer Ken Lawson Captures Photo Of International Space Station In Front Of The Moon

An amateur astronomer was able to take a photo of the International Space Station as it passed by the moon. It took Ken Lawson a simple camera, a manual telescope, and eight years of waiting.

Space March 30, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence Wants NASA To Send Astronauts To Moon Within 5 Years

Vice President Mike Pence wants NASA to put astronauts back on the moon within five years. The future of space exploration is at a standstill, however, due to funding.

Space March 27, 2019

NASA Is Considering Flying Commercial Space Flights Signaling Shift In Space Industry

NASA might have to change the way it conducts its deep space mission to make next year's Orion uncrewed flight around the Moon possible. The space agency might use a commercial rocket to launch the spacecraft.

Space March 16, 2019

SpaceX May Be Likeliest Contender To Win Moon Rocket Contract

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that the space agency is considering the use of a commercial rocket to launch the Orion crew capsule next year. He told a Senate committee that the SLS will not be ready by June 2020.

Space March 14, 2019

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