Bill Gates has spoken his opinion and insights again regarding the pandemic, saying that he predicts COVID-19 would last until 2022 if smaller countries are left to eradicate the disease on their own. The Microsoft co-founder regarded that the cycle would just repeat like during the start of the Pandemic, and would not matter if the country is already immunized with vaccines.

The philanthropist, genius, former CEO, and co-Founder of Microsoft has spoken again regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and this time, it brings the United States' possession of the coronavirus vaccine to the equation. However, despite the receipt of Pfizer and BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine, the former CEO still does not believe that it would go back to normal immediately.

Bill Gates Think COVID-19's Worst is Yet to Come for Summer 2021

In an interview with CNN, Bill Gates virtually participated in an interview, and was asked regarding the country's fate now that the government would possess a massive 12.5 million dosages of the vaccine by year's end. Gates regarded that the next four to six months would be "the worst of the Pandemic," basing on the predictions of the death tolls that are expected.

The co-founder regarded that people should still wear masks and avoid "mixing" in with large crowds, also known as social distancing, to avoid the projected 200,000 deaths in the coming four to six months of 2021. Bill Gates was known to talk about a pandemic caused by the virus as early as 2015, with the co-founder warning the country to be ready for any kind of attack, especially in terms of health.

Gates is a significant advocate for following the correct safety guidelines for the coronavirus, including the use of face masks, personal protective equipment, and observing social distancing. However, despite the advancements of the country with its vaccination beginning last Monday, Bill Gates still thinks that COVID-19 would plague 2021's summer.

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COVID-19 to Extend til 2022 for the World, Bill Gates

According to CNet, Bill Gates has reiterated and expounded on the CNN interview that the virus is predicted to still extend itself until 2022, taking into account the entire world's response to the global pandemic. However, the severity of the coronavirus may not be the same nearing 2022, the world may still feel its effects and hold against people.

Bill Gates highlighted the fact that not all countries have the resources to address COVID-19, the same way the United States and other leading countries would have. Indeed, the country has its hands on dosages of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, but other challenged countries would receive it in the middle of 2021 or near its end.

This would mean that while the US could be safe from COVID-19 when nearing the end of 2021, other countries would only be beginning their administration of the vaccines to the public or its priority list. That scenario would not guarantee the United States to be safe from the virus as the cycle is still on-going.

The particular scenario would replicate the start of the pandemic where countries are getting infected by the virus as it gets passed around. Smaller countries that lack resources would be the "weak link" the virus could enter and penetrate the world with the same pandemic it has plagued the entire 2020.

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