"Fortnite" is quickly becoming the hip place to play as one of the superhero comic book characters from popular entertainment companies Marvel and DC, with recent leaks showing new skins that would come to the game. Black Panther brings two of his popular suits from the MCU, and DC's Green Arrow from the CW series is rumored to be joining soon.

The famous battle royale game from Epic Games, "Fortnite," is back again with the comic book character skins, with Marvel and DC dawning in the coming weeks or months to come for players to purchase. Leaks caught wind of the new skin sets that would come to the platform featuring three from the Marvel Universe and DC's comics.

Get ready to shout "Wakanda Forever!" with a matching emote that replicates the "cross arms on the chest" gesture to honor King T'Challa's home country. Sure, Season 4 ended on a high note, giving a fitting conclusion for Marvel's reign throughout the collaboration, but it surely does not end there.

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Marvel's Fortnite Skin Leaks for Season 5

According to a trusted "Fortnite" leaker on Twitter, "ShiinaBR - Fortnite Leaks" (@ShiinaBR), the three characters from Marvel would be under the collection called "Marvel: Royalty & Warriors" that would soon grace the game. Moreover, a total of four skins would be sourced from Marvel Comics, two from the King of Wakanda, one from the Cosmic Hero, and last is the Black Widow tactician, The Taskmaster.

ShiiinaBR said that (@Guille_GAG) helped discover the skin leaks from the Marvel Comics' heroes and villains.

DC Comic's Fortnite Skin Leak for Season 5

Also, from "Fortnite," leaker is a skin from the other spectrum of the comic book giants, DC or Detective Comics. However, this character's skin would release the modern version from the popular CW series "Arrow" led by Stephen Amell.

  The skin was first discovered by a fellow "Fortnite" insider called (@arusaurZ_YT), which "ShiiinaBR" shared on his account.

'Fortnite': Marvel vs. DC Battle Royale Soon?

With a growing presence of both Marvel and DC characters in the game, players aspire for the famous "All-Star Brawl" between the two leading comic book companies. Initially, the comic book pop culture has been pitting the two companies' superheroes against each other, with the better character and studio's never-ending debate.

"Fortnite's" abundance of both Marvel and DC skins can successfully pull-off a "Marvel vs. DC" brawl to answer the public's wildest dreams of a battle royale against both comic book companies. There are no release dates or announcements from "Fortnite" or Epic Games regarding the Marvel and DC skins' release.

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