"Call of Duty Warzone" has a new glitch that allows players to go invisible from the opponents' eyes and go right for the kill from its recent Cold War update that left behind a widely accessible hack to take advantage of. The "COD Warzone's" Invisible loadout glitch, however, is not invincible as there is a way to detect and defeat the new hack but it would not be an easy feat.

Activision's popular take on a massive battle royale, "Call of Duty Warzone," recently released its "Call of Duty: Cold War" update that left behind a massive glitch that players can exploit and use to their advantage. No need for a "cheat engine" or other third party hacking applications for this, as the glitch is directly from Activision.

The invisibility glitch is not a skill or power-up in the game, but it would surely be a massive plus and advantage to anyone who uses it because most killing methods cannot affect the player while in "stealth mode" glitch. However, worry not, there is also a way to defeat these nasty players who hide behind the glitch shroud.

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'Call of Duty Warzone': How to Turn Invisible via the Glitch

According to Inverse, there are only three maps where players can access the glitch and turn invisible to use against other players in the battle royale, and those three are "Plunder," "Rebirth Island," and "Verdansk." Another requirement is the equipment of "Warzone's" Cold War update introduction of the new attack helicopter for the glitch to work.

The new helicopter's new turret attachments are crucial for the glitch to work, so players need to ensure that they have purchased the recent addition. Moreover, players need to have teammates along with them or have a "self-revive" item equipped.

  • After the preparation, players should fly the helicopter above a building or the ocean where they will set it on the course of destruction.
  • Set the chopper to crash or make the helicopter explode then immediately change to the passenger's seat.
  • Before the actual impact, move back to the seat where you are in control of the attack helicopter's turrets. This will take a huge chunk of the user's health and this is where a self-revive item or a teammate comes in to save you.

Timing this correctly would enable the glitch where the secondary weapon is only your hands, resembling that they are still holding the helicopter's turrets. If this shows up, it means that you have accomplished the glitch and turned invisible. Look at other body parts and they would already be invisible.

'Call of Duty Warzone': How to Detect and Defeat the Invisible Glitch

On the other hand, users might think that this glitch makes enemies invincible or untouchable by anything. However, that is not the case and there are always cons to the pros list. According to HITC, there is certainly a way to detect these players and defeat them.

The R90 Fire Shotgun can reveal the location of the invisible players, however, users would first need to determine the source of the bullets or attacks of the glitch-based characters. Additionally, gas grenades and vehicles can kill these invisible people.

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