In today's society, many people believe that you need to come from a well-known family or be very famous to succeed in the entertainment industry. Gone are the days when only the rich could get richer. Now, with the right dose of inspiration and tenacity, anybody can make his/her dreams come true.

GoGiveaways co-owner, Omar Del Villar is proof that fame is a not strict criterion for success. Through pure hard work and his own steam, Omar has built the biggest giveaway company in America, and arguably the whole world, working with A-list celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Floyd Mayweather, Lil Durkio, King Vong, Jason Derulo, The Game, Kamilion, Young Ma, Future, Lil Uzi, Jordyn Woods, Rich The Kid, and Remy Ma. 

Starting From The Bottom

Omar Del Villar was born in the Dominican Republic but raised in Boston. He attended North Shore Community College in Lynn, Massachusetts. After college, he got his first start in the entertainment industry, working as a promoter in a local club.

"I have always been good with networking," he states. " I worked as a nightclub host in both Boston and Miami."

Working in the nightlife was very challenging for Omar. For starters, he was working across two cities. He also had to work late hours, spending most of his nights and mornings at the clubs where he hosted events and parties. All of these circumstances might have fazed the average person, but Omar used this as his inspiration. 

"I actually loved my job. Through my gigs at the club, I was able to meet a lot of influential people. It also allowed me to make  a lot of connections with some powerful celebrities, which eventually formed the foundation of GoGiveaways."

Building a Legacy on Connection

Success is never delivered a-la-carte. If you want an opportunity, you will have to put yourself on the line and work tirelessly to achieve your goals. Like so many other people, Omar had to work very hard to achieve everything that he has today. All the connections that form GoGiveaways today came about purely through his own networking and negotiating skills. With this, he has been able to put together an enviable brand.

"I have the biggest giveaway company in the USA," he explains. "I work with A-list celebrities for celebrity giveaways  to help people expand their Instagram accounts and online footprint."

Omar's brand has inspired so many other entrepreneurs all over the world. Many online entrepreneurs are now following in his footsteps and incorporating giveaways into their own business models. However, it is undeniable that Omar was ahead of the trend. He spotted this opportunity and singlehandedly created a whole new market.  For Omar however, the important thing is that he continues to soar higher, never resting on his own achievements.

"One way I stay motivated throughout is to set realistic and achievable milestones," Omar shares. "It's important to reward yourself when you achieve your milestones to keep you motivated to reach the next one. Otherwise, you can lose your focus and drive along your journey. Small rewards are a great way to keep your motivation high as you strive to achieve your dreams."

A Brand For the Next Generation

Omar has created a dynamic business that has entirely changed the scope of social media and how entrepreneurs use the platform. He credits his success to one thing; his family. "I came from nothing, and I'm working very hard to make a name for myself and provide for my family."

Omar is happily married, and he intends to leave his business to his daughter, who he hopes to introduce to the family business. He is also the founder of Echelon Smiles. His own humble beginnings taught him the value of hard work, persistence, and pure old fashioned grit. Here is his advice for anybody looking to build a business;

"You need to find a higher purpose before you venture into business. Your personal goals must drive your professional goals and business goals, not the other way around. If you aren't happy with your personal life, then what hope do you have of achieving success and happiness in your professional life?"

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