Ever since Epic Games started its 15 days of free games, many lists were leaked online! However, some of the lists were inaccurate.

This time, another list is circulating on the internet, which includes "Cities: Skylines," which is the first free game, "Darkest Dungeon," and more.

The previous list was not accurate since it was not able to predict that "Cities: Skylines" which is included on the line-up, let alone that it'll be the very first game available for free purchase.

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According to PC Gamer's latest report, you can get the free games by logging into your account every day, starting from Dec. 17 until Dec. 31. To help you get the idea of what's coming, here are the new possible games that could be yours for free!

Epic Games' new list of freebies

Express UK reported that Epic Games' 15 days of free games is already running right now! It started on Dec. 17, releasing "Cities: Skylines" as its first free game. The offer lasted for 24 hours. There are also free-to-play games in its official online store. Here is the new list you need to know. The list was posted by Twitter user @jovanmunja.

  • Dec. 17 - "Cities: Skylines"
  • Dec.18 - "Oddworld: New N Tasty"
  • Dec. 19 - "The Long Dark"
  • Dec. 20 - "Defense Grid 1"
  • Dec. 21 - "Alien: Isolation"
  • Dec. 22 - "Metro 2033"
  • Dec. 23 - "Tropico 5"
  • Dec. 24 - "Inside"
  • Dec. 25 - "Darkest Dungeon"
  • Dec. 26 - "My Time In Portia"
  • Dec. 27 - "Night in the Woods"
  • Dec. 28 - "Stranded Deep"
  • Dec. 29 - "Solitairica"
  • Dec. 30 - "Torchlight II"
  • Dec. 31 - "Jurassic World Evolution"

Is it the accurate list?

PC Gamer claimed that the new leaked list is a credible one. The report explained that Epic Games itself provided the given titles on the list before. The game provider wants to provide relief to those who missed them the first time. However, it is advisable to still wait for the official website's game availability.

The new list could still predict some of the games since a previous leak was partially accurate, detailing the games given away in the Epic Mega Sale earlier in 2020. The previous list was able to predict that "Borderlands" will follow "Civilization 6" and "GTA 5." Although this is the case, the best way to make sure you get all the available games you want is to check your account and visit the website. Besides, it won't take an hour just to check its availability.

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