Christmas is fast approaching and although this year might be a bit odd in comparison to the other years of Christmas cheer, Epic Games is offering 15 days of free games for players to enjoy. The gift of free games reportedly starts on Dec. 17 and for those that plan on getting all 15 free games, read ahead.

Epic Games free games list 2020

According to an article by HITC, gamers will find a list for the 15 free days of free games which will then be regularly updated. Players will also be able to find out how to get these titles per day.

In addition to all those freebies, there will also be a reported Holiday sale, according to the announcement by Shacknews, that will see all the way up to 75% discount from a number of titles. The trick is to get one free game a day from the famed Epic Games store during the course of Dec. 17 and up.

What games are free on Epic Games?

However, it is stated that the offerings of the 15 free games are still unknown but suggests that these freebies might offer a few underrated as well as underappreciated gems. There might also be a few titles that have been sitting in the back of the catalogue for quite a while.

A tweet by Apostle @apahstle, however, suggests that there is already a list and the names of the free upcoming games have already been revealed. The thread then continues by saying that those who are curious to know where the list came from can just go to the official Epic Games website.

Below is the list of alleged Epic Games that will be released for free:

It is important to note that although this list has reportedly been revealed according to Apostle, the publication also stated that there is actually a leak coming from a YouTube video by Priyam Raj that suggests another list of possible games.

15 Days Epic Games Free Games List

Below is a list based on the announcements of Epic Games which will feature a free game on their website daily. Only one game is released per day. Hence, we will be updating this list until all 15 mystery games are revealed.

  1. Dec. 17 - "Cities: Skylines"
  2. Dec. 18 - "Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty"
  3. Dec. 19 - "The Long Dark"
  4. Dec. 20 - "Defense Grid: The Awakening"
  5. Dec. 21 -"Alien: Isolation"
  6. Dec. 22 -"Metro: 2033 Redux"
  7. Dec. 23 -" Tropico 5" 
  8. Dec. 24 - "Inside"
  9. Dec. 25 - "Darkest Dungeon"
  10. Dec. 26 - "My Time at Portia"
  11. Dec. 27 - "Night in the Woods"
  12. Dec. 28 -  "Stranded Deep"
  13. Dec. 29 - "Solitairica"
  14. Dec. 30 - "Torchlight 2"
  15. Dec. 31 - "Jurassic World Evolution"

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Epic Games free game leak

The games that are rumored to be included in Epic Games free games list from YouTube also suggests that "Resident Evil 7," "The Witcher 3," and even "Horizon Zero Dawn" will all be offered during the 15 day Christmas sale.

Again, the list above will be updated every day.

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