What Happened to Rockstar Games' 'Bully 2'? Rumors Say It was Cancelled to Work on 'GTA VI'
(Photo : Screenshot From Robbin Rams YouTube) What Happened to Rockstar Games' 'Bully 2'? Rumors Say It was Cancelled to Work on 'GTA VI'

While fans were excited with "Bully 2", there's still an even stronger excitement when it comes to what Rockstar Games could do with "Grand Theft Auto VI" as the game has massively upped the stakes from "GTA IV" to "GTA V". There's a current rumor going around regarding a theory that came from discussions coming from insiders saying "GTA VI" could possibly be the reason that development for the "Bully 2" game was halted for its third time.

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According to an article by ComicBook, these two games have been the frequent subject of certain rumors with regards to Rockstar Games' projects. If this latest discussion was to be believed, this means that Bully 2 was supposedly cancelled back in 2017 for the game developers to work on a new "GTA" game in its place.

The latest theories of both "GTA 6" and "Bully 2'' came from certain Rockstar Games insiders known as Yan2295 and Tez2 who have each weighed in on the discussion regarding the two games. In a discussion located on the GTA forums coming from DualShockers, Tez2 said that they were guessing that the game was already in pre-production back in 2015 when referring to "GTA VI".

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The rumor then said that the production of the "GTA VI" was supposedly slow since Rockstar Games had to focus on Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as Bully 2 but then Tez2 suggested that the game Bully 2 was suddenly stopped for Rockstar Games to focus more on "Grand Theft Auto 6". On the GTAForums website, Tez2 stated that the latter was then canned back in 2017 so he presume that they then focused their efforts on "GTA6".

Fellow Rockstar Games insider known as Yan2295 corroborated the suggestion made by Tez2 on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit saying that he was right. If the later discussions were in fact accurate, this might give some insight as to why the "Grand Theft Auto VI" is taking a very long time for it to be made and why Bully fans are left hoping for a follow-up to the game.

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The insiders that were commenting on the discussions usually have important insights into the works of the Rockstar Games projects, but the popular "GTA" Forums itself was still part five of a certain ""GTA 6" Speculation and Discussion" topic. This means that as much as "Grand Theft Auto" fans would want to believe that Rockstar Games is working on "Grand Theft Auto 6" and that the game would be scheduled to roll out pretty soon, this isn't confirmed to be the case yet.

The only way to know for sure is if Rockstar Games themselves would release an official announcement as to the upcoming "GTA 6" game regarding the progress, expected launch date, and what gamers could expect from the game itself. In the meanwhile, Rockstar Games is busy with "Grand Theft Auto Online".

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