Confirmed: Xiaomi Poco F2 Could be Coming Soon
(Photo : Screenshot From Mrwhosetheboss YouTube) Confirmed: Xiaomi Poco F2 Could be Coming Soon

Xiaomi has started to gain headlines with its recent Xiaomi Poco M3 and Xiaomi Poco X3 which was an amazingly affordable smartphone with decent specs. The company now confirms that they will be launching yet another phone called the Xiaomi Poco F2.

Poco F2 Price: Is it worth buying? 

According to an article by AndroidPolice, the original Xiaomi Poco was quite a pleasing surprise when it first launched in 2018 being quite a hit and offering about everything that one would normally expect from a phone priced at just $300. However, the article notes that the phone didn't really kick off that strongly in the United States.

Ever since then, more phones have been released left and right under the whole Poco brand but there still wasn't a direct followup to the company's original F1. The rumors regarding the possible new Poco F2 have actually been circulating for quite a while now, and Xiaomi themselves has even confirmed that a follow up, the Xiaomi Poco F2 is finally on its way.

Is Poco F2 launched? 

Xiaomi's official Twitter account actually released a promotional video that was launched back on December 31. This mostly served as a sort of retrospective regarding the brand back in 2020. However, getting closer to the end of the video at about 0:44, suddenly, the Xiaomi Poco "The F2" is then flashed on the screen for only a split second!

This is actually the very first time that Xiaomi/Poco has even officially acknowledged the existence of an upcoming Poco F2 or the Poco F2 being in works. The Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro, however, was quite interestingly released some time last year. To clarify, yes! Xiaomi did launch the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro before they are set to launch the Xiaomi Poco F2.


Specs and features

Although as of the moment, there really isn't that much information regarding the upcoming phone, a number of different leaks, like those leaks on Twitter, point towards the popular Xiaomi Poco F2 to have the following specs:

  • The Snapdragon 732G chipset

  • A decent 120Hz AMOLED screen

  • 4 different rear cameras

  • 4,250 mAh of battery life

  • Useful NFC support

The original Xiaomi Poco F1 had notably lacked a previous NFC, just like a number of other budget phones that Xiaomi has been producing over the years. However, if the leaks are true, this would mean that the upcoming Xiaomi Poco F2 will be able to have useful NFC support.

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Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro review

Previous Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro reviews showed that the phone is a good budget phone especially for those that are tight on the budget but looking for something that will perform decently. A review by TechRadar even gives the phone 4 out of 5 stars noting that it really is a good budget phone and is fairly affordable for the specs that it is offering. It also noted that the signature pop-up camera was actually quite interesting to use.

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