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Here's What Happens When You Throw The New Nokia 3310 From A 4th Floor Window

The Nokia 3310 reboot is tougher than most smartphones out in the market today. A series of drop tests show just how durable the 3310 is.

Feature | Tech June 4, 2017

Microsoft Bets On Exclusive Xbox Scorpio Reveal Through Digital Foundry, The Biggest Xbox One Critic

In an odd and interesting twist, Microsoft is submitting its upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio for an exclusive Digital Foundry reveal. Considering that Digital Foundry is among the biggest Xbox One critics, this should be really good.

Gadgets April 5, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Review: A Road Trip Worth Taking

Square-Enix's latest entry in the long-running JRPG franchise is finally here, but is it worth the decade long wait?

Video Games December 7, 2016

'Dishonored 2' Review: A Sequel Done Right

'Dishonored 2' is a great sequel that gives players even more ways to fight and sneak their way through some truly awe-inspiring locales.

Video Games November 23, 2016

'Batman' #11 Just Goes To Show Why Catwoman Is Never To Be Trusted

Batman and Catwoman have a long, complex history, so perhaps the Dark Knight should know not to trust her at this point.

Comic Books November 17, 2016

Thanos Is Hiding A Huge Secret In His Latest Solo Series

Thanos has a new solo series, and it's kicking things off with a bang. This new series is by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mike Deodato.

Comic Books November 17, 2016

Sam Wilson Makes A Major Mistake In 'Captain America: Sam Wilson' #14, And It's All Captain America's Fault

A major moment in the latest issue of 'Captain America: Sam Wilson' #14 could have huge ramifications.

Comic Books October 21, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Review: The Great War

A mediocre single-player campaign does little to hold 'Battlefield 1' back from being one of the best shooters of the year.

Video Games October 21, 2016

PlayStation VR Is Out Now, But Is It Worth The Price?

Sony at long last has released its own VR headset. Here's what the critics are saying.

Video Games October 13, 2016

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Review Roundup: Is The OLED Display Enough To Make You Want It?

People have been eager to get their hands on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga with OLED display since its CES 2016 debut. However, now that the first batches have arrived, how exactly will the 2-in-1 fare against reviewers' scrutiny?

Computers August 30, 2016

Review: 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Is A Solid Sequel, But Far From A Revolution

The latest entry in the 'Deus Ex' franchise is true to the franchise's excellent roots, even if it struggles to move the series forward.

Video Games August 23, 2016

Review: 'Wonder Woman' #3 Hits Emotional Note As Diana Asks Cheetah For Help

In 'Wonder Woman' #3, the story returns to present day as Diana pleads with Cheetah to help her and Steve Trevor uncovers the darkness that infests the war-torn jungle around him.

Comic Books July 27, 2016

'Batman' #3 Reveals The Origin Story Of Gotham And Gotham Girl

The origins of Gotham's new superheroes are (mostly) revealed in the latest issue of Tom King and David Finch's 'Batman.'

Comic Books July 20, 2016

Review: 'The Hellblazer: Rebirth' #1 Shows That Sometimes A Reset Isn't Always Better

Although John Constantine returns to London in 'The Hellblazer: Rebirth,' everyone's favorite magician is not quite the same, and his new story shows that sometimes, a rebirth isn't always for the better.

Comic Books July 20, 2016

Review: Action-Packed 'Green Arrow' #3 Confronts The Ninth Circle

There is a lot going on in 'Green Arrow' #3: from Oliver breaking into his own company to both Diggle and Black Canary searching for their own version of truth.

Comic Books July 20, 2016

Review: 'Wonder Woman' #2 Relives The First Meeting Between Diana And Steve Trevor

'Wonder Woman' #2 remembers who the Amazonian princess really is, as Diana returns to her roots via flashback to her life on Themyscira before Steve Trevor crash-landed on the island.

Comic Books July 13, 2016

Review: 'The Technomancer' Could Scratch That 'Mass Effect' Itch

Spiders' 'The Technomancer' is a worthy RPG, and not just because it's highly entertaining to play. It also often bears a close resemblance to 'Mass Effect,' and that isn't a bad thing.

Video Games July 6, 2016

Review: Oliver Queen Loses Everything In 'Green Arrow' #2

What dies must become reborn. In 'Green Arrow' #2, Oliver Queen experiences a true rebirth after a betrayal that results in him losing everything, including his name, his home, his reputation, his friends and even his life.

Comic Books July 6, 2016

Review: 'LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Is A New Hope For The Series

With new gameplay elements, tons of characters and plenty of Star Wars fan service, 'LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is everything fans want from a LEGO game set in a galaxy far, far away.

Video Games July 1, 2016

Review: In 'Wonder Woman' #1, Diana Asks An Old Enemy For Help

'Wonder Woman' #1 sees Diana searching for the truth behind who she is, but while she searches for someone to help her, old allies fight their way back into her world.

Comic Books June 22, 2016

Review: In 'Green Arrow' #1, Oliver Queen Faces A New Threat That Feels Too Familiar

In 'Green Arrow' #1, Oliver begins to realize that his help to Seattle isn't enough, especially once he begins learning about the dark underbelly of those he believes he can trust.

Comic Books June 15, 2016

Review: In 'Wonder Woman Rebirth' #1, Diana's Story Keeps Changing For The Better

In 'Wonder Woman: Rebirth' #1, Diana, princess of the Amazons, struggles with her identity as she attempts to uncover the lost truth about her origin and her true self.

Comic Books June 8, 2016

Review: Experience The First Meeting Of Oliver And Dinah In 'Green Arrow: Rebirth' #1

In 'Green Arrow: Rebirth' #1, Oliver Queen meets Dinah Lance, aka Black Canary, for the first time. That meeting is just as exciting as fans might expect as the two tackle Seattle together.

Comic Books June 1, 2016

Review: 'Homefront: The Revolution' Is A War Better Left Unwaged

This long-in-development open-world shooter fails at nearly everything it sets out to do.

Comic Books May 24, 2016

Review: 'Preacher' Delivers Twisted Violence, Dark Humor And A Fun Ride

Although the 'Preacher' adaptation took nearly 20 years to make it to the screen, AMC's television series not only does the comic book justice, but also delivers a bloody and entertaining ride.

Movies/TV Shows May 20, 2016

'Batman' #52 Isn't Subtle About Why Bruce Wayne Becomes The Dark Knight

The creative powerhouse that was Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on 'Batman' is no more. So, how does issue #52 hold up in their absence?

Comic Books May 11, 2016

Review: 'Battleborn' Is A Unique, Funny Shooter - When It's Not Incredibly Frustrating

Gearbox's latest is a unique blend of genres unlike anything else available, but is it any good?

Video Games May 11, 2016

Review: 'Ratchet And Clank' On PS4 Is Part Old, Part New But All Great

Part remake and part movie tie-in, 'Ratchet and Clank' is still all fun.

Geek April 19, 2016

'Stories: The Path Of Destinies' Review: All Choices Matter, But There Is Some Repetition

Although 'Stories: The Path of Destinies' lets you explore a multitude of choices that always result in different game outcomes, that gameplay often comes with a nagging sense of déjà vu.

Geek April 15, 2016

Review: Hitman's Assassination Sandbox Is Well Worth Playing In

IO Interactive delivers a captivating sandbox of gruesome possibilities in the first chunk of the episodic 'Hitman.'

Geek March 15, 2016

'Doctor Who Coloring Book' Perfect Series Tribute For Whovians Old Enough To Color Between The Lines

Even if the 'Doctor Who Coloring Book' is the latest from a fad that might fade as suddenly as it shot to popularity, it can stand on it's own as a unique item of memorabilia.

Movies/TV Shows February 25, 2016

Review: Severe Lack Of Content In 'Street Fighter V' Holds It Back From Greatness

It may play like a dream, but a sub-par online service and lack of single-player content holds 'Street Fighter V' back.

Geek February 17, 2016

Review: Striking Visuals Can't Redeem The Frustrating Gameplay Of 'Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia'

Frustrating gameplay drags down Ubisoft's latest 'Assassin's Creed' spin-off.

Geek February 11, 2016

Review: 'LEGO Marvel's Avengers' Is Excellent Fan Service But Not Much Else

TT's latest LEGO game takes on the Marvel cinematic and comic book universes for a fan service-filled title that is fun for the hardcore bunch but might grow stale for everybody else.

Geek January 29, 2016

Review: 'The Legend Of Wonder Woman' Brings Diana's Childhood To Life

DC Comics' 'The Legend of Wonder Woman' brings insight into the childhood of Diana as she grows up on the peaceful Themyscira, suddenly sure that the island is no longer safe from danger.

Movies/TV Shows January 13, 2016

Moto 360 Sport Review

Motorola targets its already great Android Wear smartwatch at the fitness community.

Wearable Tech December 29, 2015

'Batman: Europa' #2's Art Alone Makes It A Must-Read For Dark Knight Fans

Batman and the Joker explore Prague in this gorgeous comic.

Movies/TV Shows December 16, 2015

Review: JBL Everest Elite 700, Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Built For Long Plane Rides

JBL's created a well-designed pair of headphones that hit (almost) all the right notes.

Wearable Tech December 9, 2015

Hands-On With The Samson Z55 Headphones: Well Designed And Crisp-Sounding But Not All About That Bass

The Samson Z55 headphones have a lot going for them, but bass response isn't it. Despite that, the headphones are well designed and are clear and crisp in the high end.

Reviews November 26, 2015

Review: Top-Notch Multiplayer Saves 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' From A Lackluster Campaign

Fantastic multiplayer and an always-entertaining zombies mode makes 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' worth recommending, even if its single-player campaign isn't.

Geek November 14, 2015

HTC One A9 Review: A Marshmallow Handset That Blends Into The Crowd

It may share the iPhone's good looks, but this otherwise middling handset isn't the blockbuster HTC is looking for.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 10, 2015

LG V10 Review Roundup: What Can This Flagship Handset Offer

The LG V10 launched and released in October this year has top-end features to compete with other flagships in the market. Here are some of the reviews of the new smartphone.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 3, 2015

First Nexus 5X Shipments Have Arrived: Unboxing And First Impressions Show A Solid Smartphone For The Price

The Nexus 5X has finally made it into the hands of eager consumers and tech pundits alike. We take a look at the first impressions of reviewers after unboxing the Nexus 5X.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 20, 2015

'Constantine: The Hellblazer' #5 Review: John Faces Off Against The Ghost Eater

'Constantine: The Hellblazer' #5 wraps up the first story arc for the new ongoing series featuring everyone's favorite magician. So, how does the story that finally unveils the ghost-eating monster work out?

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

Latest BlackBerry Priv Leaks: New Pictures And Pre-Production Unit Review

The first-ever Android-powered smartphone from BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Priv, has emerged online once again. The pre-production unit of the smartphone was obtained by a publication which carried out a mini review of the device.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 12, 2015

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