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LG is gearing up to debut a new gaming monitor at CES 2021, and this monitor has a screen that is bendable. The said screen can transform from flat to curved in just one click of a button.

LG bendable gaming monitor

With Samsung's foldable phones becoming a massive hit despite its shortcomings, people have witnessed exciting developments from the devices and gadgets of other companies who wants to follow suit.

There have been numerous foldable and rollable TVs that can be tucked away when not in use, so it is not a surprise that LG has now extended that technology to gaming monitors too, as it gives a practical way to reduce the number of screens that are necessary in your home.

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According to Engadget, the "Bendable CSO or Cinematic Sound OLED display will be a 48-in 4K monitor with a flat mode for watching movies and TV shows, and it has an option to curve or bend if the user wants to switch it to gaming mode.

This would not be LG's first release of foldable screens as its first commercially available rollable TV is now on sale in South Korea, and at CES 2020, LG has debuted plans for a display that pulls down from the ceiling, much like a projector screen. What the main difference now is that the Cinematic Sound feature can turn the whole panel into a speaker, according to The Verge.

OLED features

OLED technology has been around for some time now, but it was only recently that it started breaking into the mainstream monitor and TV markets. Displays utilizing this technology remain few, and they can be pricy.

OLED monitors have faster pixel response times and they also have better contrast ratios, even though their expensive prices makes the less approachable than regular monitors, according to Gaming Stan.

Whenever you see a display that is marked as LED monitor or LED TV, what it really means is LED LCD. This means that the displayed monitor or TV utilizes an LED backlight and an LCD panel.

Meanwhile, OLED technology does not use an active backlight. Instead, OLED's pixel is illuminated independently and each pixel function as its own light source.

LG's bendable monitor is only a demo model at this point, and if it sees mainstream release, this design will carry an expensive price tag, no doubt.

The LG rollable OLED was released at a whooping ₩100,000,000 in South Korea, and $87,000 in the United States, which then converts to £67,000 or AU$123,000.

However, the limited range of movement compared to a folding phone or rollable TV should mean that it is more durable and if it can replace your usual TV, soundbar and gaming monitor, it is definitely one to place on your list.

The CES 2021 will take place entirely online due to the coronavirus pandemic and it will run from January 11 to 14. Instead of pouring into the Las Vegas Convention Center, just like what they did in the previous years, the biggest tech companies in the world will be demonstrating their wares in virtual events.

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