LG Business Solutions has recently announced the next stage of autonomous customer needs in business environments - an autonomous robot that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect public places.

LG's latest addition to its CLOi family of robots, a UV-C equipped surface disinfector perfect for high-contact, high-traffic surfaces, will be offered by LG Business Solutions USA to American hospitality, education, retail, restaurant, transportation, and corporate customers early next year. The South Korean electronics giant combines its leading expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation with its deep understanding of customer needs.

"We hope LG's first UV disseminating robot will give our customers, and in turn their customers, peace of mind," explains Michael Kosla, Vice President for LG Business Solutions USA. He added that whether it is for students is classrooms, hotel guests, or patrons at restaurants and other businesses, they can rest assured that the new LG automated robot will "help reduce their exposure to harmful bacteria."

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A Must-See for the CES2021

The upcoming LG CLOi robot will make its official debut at the Digital Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, set to run from January 11 to January 14. It promises to bring a new standard of hygiene by helping in the disinfection of high-touch and high-traffic locations. Its streamlined design helps enable the fully automated robot to easily navigate around tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture. It disinfects by generally irradiating the room's surfaces within 15 to 30 minutes, disinfecting multiple areas on a single battery charge.

In terms of integration, LG has designed its upcoming robot to be easy to operate and add into existing cleaning routines. Having the new business solutions equipment no longer requires specialized operators or extensive training for cleaning staff, saving the businesses on time and training costs. Additionally, staff can monitor its progress via remote updates sent to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Also, for safety and long-term usage, employee exposures to UV rays are set to be minimized through its built-in safety lock that can be triggered by human detection sensors, an emergency button, or through the accompanying mobile app.

An editor's note on the LG press release indicates that the UV-C employed in the robot covers the visible light spectrum of wavelengths 100 to 280 nanometers. Also, the motion detection sensors effective to a 16-foot radius.

"A higher level of disinfection is going to become the new customer expectation in the new contactless economy where we now all live, work, learn and play," Kosla added. The LG USA Business Solutions VP reiterated the company's commitment in using its multidisciplinary expertise to bring solutions like ths in addressing specific customer requirements.

About LG Business Solutions USA

On the other hand, LG USA Business Solutions is the South Korean multinational's division in the United States, committed to serving the commercial display market in sectors of lodging and hospitality, digital advertising, systems integration, government, healthcare, education, and industry. Based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, the North American subsidiary delivers business-to-business technology solutions tailored specifically to meet its customer's particular needs.

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