AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series Could Run on 16 Cores: Is the New HEDT CPUs with New Zen 3 Architecture Overkill?
(Photo : Screenshot From LMG Clips YouTube) AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series Could Run on 16 Cores: Is the New HEDT CPUs with New Zen 3 Architecture Overkill?

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 series is reportedly coming out with an even higher core use than previous. Genesis Peak is expected to officially give an announcement in the upcoming weeks and a recent leak suggests that a new 16-core version of the popular HEDT chip might actually make a massive comeback.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 series

According to the story by TechSpot, this is also anomalous since their new Ryzen 5950X already boasts the massive 16-core usage, assuming the new information regarding the core count is legitimate, it is still to be seen if AMD's official assessment regarding the demand for this massive core-count would play out. This means that AMD might only make this if gamers are indeed interested in this amount of power.

As with what happened with the previous Ryzen generations, AMD will reportedly be following up its massively successful Ryzen 5000 series launch along with Genesis Peak, its own line of high-end desktop or HEDT Threadripper CPUs that are expected to leverage the brand new Zen 3 architecture, according to an article by NotebookCheck. The new Ryzen 5000 series Threadripper CPUs could be a massive new addition to gamers' must-haves.

AMD Ryzen 3950X 16-core 32-thread

In the very first two Threadripper incarnations, AMD's lowest tier HEDT part that had been sold was a certain 16-core as well as a 32-thread chip. This boasts even more cores compared to the highest-tier popular 8-core consumer parts. The following release cycle even saw the massive 16-core Ryzen 3950X had entered the top of the consumers' category. This was along with the next best chip that time being the Castle Peak's massive 24-core, Threadripper 3960X.

It actually seems like during the cycle however, AMD might not really be keen on bringing back the massive 16-core Threadripper SKU while it was selling the Ryzen 5950X, its popular 16-core consumer chip. The information was given by a certain Yuri Bubliy on Twitter, otherwise known as the 1usmus and the esteemed developer of the popular Clock Tuner for Ryzen. Yuri Bubliy had published a certain HEX code riddle, that when was converted to ASCII, would read Genesis 16 cores.


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HEDT chipset

Should this information prove correct, it can be assumed that AMD has actually found a certain sweet spot at the massive 16-core mark. However, enough of the market actually demands the high caches, the quad channel support, and also other professional features that are said to come with the HEDT chips as well as the TR4 chipset that they most likely would feel like is worth making both of these SKUs.

With this being said, it is still unknown as to if Genesis Peak would officially support the current TR4 chipset or even if AMD will require something new for the upcoming cycle. As of the moment, gamers will have to wait for AMD's assessment as to whether or not they should release a massive 16-core chipset for improved performance.

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