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For those that are consistently being ignored by their HomePod located closest to them whenever asking Siri for assistance, sadly, Apple does not really make it easy by providing a guide on how to manually specify which particular HomePod needs to listen to users whenever in the area. However, switching from HomePod to HomePod is very possible and even super easy.

According to an article by CultofMac, there's actually a way for users to choose which specific HomePod device would listen to users whenever they need to talk to Siri. Although Apple does not technically let users decide during the whole setup process, and there is also no way to simply specify which would be the primary HomePod that is connected to the Home App on either the iPad or the iPhone, users can still choose by using a HomePod by itself.

How to switch HomePods

For those that haven't already discovered, whenever using the HomePod to ask for Siri assistance, the same particular HomePod comes alive every single time that they use the typical "Hey Siri" command, this is despite another HomePod being close to the user. In order to change this, users will simply have to tap and hold the top part of the HomePod to use that particular Siri for interactions. This will then manually initiate Siri even without the use of the "Hey Siri" command.

In order to switch from HomePod to HomePod, just repeat the process whenever using the "Hey Siri" command again. Do this to whichever HomePod that users would want to make their own primary device. This easy switch might not be official but as of the moment, it works.

Makeshift solution to switch HomePod

Although this fix isn't considered perfect, in fact, could be far from it, placing the HomePod in a strategic location could help make this a little less inconvenient. Of course, for those with smaller places, the HomePod would be a perfectly located somewhere in the middle.

As of the moment, however, the article by CultofMac says that this process still isn't quite solid. A number of HomePod users, however, have reported that this works. HomePods generally have a tendency of randomly forgetting the users' choice and go back to its previous setting. When this happens, users will have to go through the whole trick again.

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Updated Netatmo HomeKit video doorbell

According to AppleInsider, on the very first 2021 episode of the known HomeKit Insider podcast, users would need to hit the most recent news a little ahead of the CES 2021. There are actually a few HomePod Shortcuts that can be used.

Some time last week, it was reported that the HomePod mini was actually updated in order to support 18W battery packs as well as the USB-C wall chargers. Eve launched yet another update as well and users were able to access the Netatmo HomeKit video doorbell.

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