Dr. Russell Surasky
(Photo : Dr. Russell Surasky)

With drug addiction being an epidemic, there is an ever-greater push to uncover solutions that can truly help someone overcome it. Dr. Russell Surasky has pioneered a novel new addiction treatment method that involves making special spinal adjustments. 

This doctor, triple board-certified in neurology, addiction medication, and preventative medicine, has been taking advantage of early-stage detox medications and Vivitrol treatment already. He now has added stress-reducing spinal adjustments that lowers the stress to the upper spine and limbic system. The results have been remarkable when it comes to treating addiction.

You may not have thought the spine is connected to addictions, yet it is. Dr. Surasky found that the limbic system in the brain gets hijacked by opiates and alcohol. This is crucial to understand, given that the limbic system drives human behaviors, such as cravings for addictive opiates. Something as simple, safe, and painless as an upper spinal adjustment can normalize the limbic system by increasing the movement of cerebrospinal fluid to the brain.

Dr. Surasky also discovered that besides reducing the pain that led to patients resorting to opiate drugs, the spinal adjustments can also speed up the brain's capacity to heal from addictions. As stunning as this claim is, there have been journals and testimonials that have remarked the same thing. Now, there is an official study that is looking into the before and after effects of spinal adjustments in treating addictions.

What led Dr. Surasky to begin treating patients using this revolutionary addiction treatment method was a study from 2001 that reviewed how spinal manipulation could impact addiction treatment. The study found that certain spinal adjustments led to patients in an addiction treatment facility to experience far fewer drug cravings and mental health issues. Even more remarkable is the fact that every single patient who received these adjustments went on to finish the inpatient program at the facility, compared with around half for those who didn't get them. For Dr. Surasky, this was enough information to go by and begin treating his patients with the spinal adjustments at his private practice, and later to his addiction treatment program called Bridge Back to Life.

This program focuses on addiction therapy that is safe and effective. The success that Dr. Surasky has been having with his treatment methods is now being considered as a national model for drug rehabilitation centers across the nation.

Before spinal adjustments are performed, there are a number of diagnostic tests that are conducted first. These look at the base of the brainstem to identify whether there is a misalignment. If there is, then a painless spinal adjustment is advised, reducing stress on the spinal column and limbic system.

With such a simple, yet effective, technique being available, it is bound to catch on rapidly, especially after the ongoing study being conducted currently confirms the results.

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