Lordstown boasted of their fruitful start this 2021 for a massive 100,000 preorders of their electric pickup that would soon debut and release on September 2021, rivaling Tesla and Rivian with their EV releases. The new year would be a showdown of electric pickups, with several key players joining the game and broadening the electric vehicle industry.

Lordstown 2021 Endurance
(Photo : Lordstown)

The formerly General Motors-owned car factory, Lordstown Motors committed themselves to go fully electric, showcasing the might of the pickup that is ready for the future and adept to produce zero-carbon emissions. Indeed, electric vehicles are the transportation industry's way forward and the market is becoming more saturated with new EV innovations.

Before, only a handful of the companies are known to go fully electric, with a handful of non-believers for electric mobility but the start of the new decade has taken a turn that boosted EV popularity and demand. Tesla started the trend, and now competition and companies with the same "clean energy" goal have picked up the pace, with Lordstown Motors' debut of an electric pickup.

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Lordstown Motors: 100,000 Preorders for the Endurace Electric Pickup

Lordstown Endurance
(Photo : Lordstown Motors via Twitter)

According to Lordstown Motors' GlobeNewswire release, it has received commercial fleet orders from the market of 100,000 units of the Lordstown Endurance electric pickup this year. The order size averages a whopping 600 EVs per fleet, making it one of the top sales for electric vehicles this 2021.

Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns called the order to be "unprecedented in automotive history," being a massive achievement for a startup company for electric vehicles such as them. The CEO adds that its goal of revolutionizing the electric pickup industry in the country is unfolding with the interest of various industries to electric mobility.


The company also said that it has already completed its "Alpha" production of the Lordstown Endurance, and would soon start its "Beta" Endurance production come the Fall season of September. The Ohio-based company's main focus is light-duty electric pickup trucks, with the Lordstown Endurance leading the company's lineup.

Lordstown Endurance Specs

Lordstown Endurance
(Photo : Lordstown Motors via Twitter)

The Endurance pickups that were under preorders has a range of 250 miles that can also produce 600 horsepowers and a towing capacity of a massive 7,500 pounds. The initial Endurance prototypes have a crew cab configuration, along with a medium cab length as stock specifications.

The in-hub motors are what sets it apart from other electric pickups that still use the regular drivetrain that holds the motors for the wheels. Four in-hub motors control the EV's mobility, making it essentially a 4x4 vehicle. Also, fewer moving parts can lead to easier maintenance and the occasional "wear and tear."

Lordstown Endurance Price

Lordstown also claims that it is the first company to produce an all-electric commercial pickup truck, featuring a vehicle that can bring the family and bring cargo, with an affordable price tag of $45,000 after federal rebates. All of the company's electric pickups would release by September 2021, which also marks another version of the Endurance.

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